• First thing that will help is getting your eyebrows shaped - this is a really big step that girls take to make themselves look more feminine, and it works for guys too. If you can find a friendly beautician (if you have a beauty training college near you that may be your best bet - they're usually cheaper too) get it done professionally the first time, as it will give you a nice shape to work to, and you can just pluck odd hairs with tweezers as they grow back outside the basic outline. If this isn't an option you can try using an eyeliner pencil to draw in the basic shape you want, making sure they're even before plucking yourself - careful, the first time it does hurt, but you get used to it with time! You'll also need to shave regularly obviously, so get the best razor you can - and always moisturise afterwards to keep your skin looking soft and rash-free. Decent moisturiser needn't be expensive - a pot of aqueous cream from the chemist is brilliant and you can use it all over your body. Make-up wise it depends whether you want to go all out drag queen or actually want to look convincingly like a girl. There are theatre professionals who can work wonders with highlighters and powders to alter the contours of your face and make you look more feminine, and you may want to try and speak to someone who's an expert for more advice, but basic make-up isn't difficult. Unless you have very smooth skin use foundation (most women in my opinion don't need it, but guys' skin is rougher and may need a bit of extra help) - test it on the inside of your wrist to find the right colour (the right shade is the one that seems to disappear when you rub it in). Don't apply huge swathes - just a few light dots across your chin, under your eyes and anywhere that is prone to get a little red, then blend them together using your fingers. If there are any blemishes dot on some liquid concealer, and again blend in using a clean finger. You can fix the base by using a big brush to sweep aome translucent powder over your face. Next use blusher - this is crucial for shaping your face and helping you look more girly, but don't go too pink or you'll look like a clown. blucher comes in creams, gels and powder form - and is a matter of preference, but in my view powder is the easiest to start with. Pick something in a pale of dusky pink that will just lend a slight colour to your cheeks (avoid bronzy colours, they'll just make you look swarthy and draw attention to your maleness) use a medium sized brush (not one of those diddy ones that come free in make-up sets, buy one seperately) load it with a little powder, smile and brush lihghtly, upwards and outwards over the fullest part of your cheeks. You may need to use your and to blend if the line looks too defined - build on more colour gradually until you're happy with the look. For eyes I really recommend investing in some eyelash curlers- all cross-dressing guys I've come across swear by them. It's basically a little contraption that looks like scissors with a circle on the end that you clamp your lashes between to make them look classically cow-like. (It's not as hard as it sounds, get a female friend to demonstrate for you!) then brush over a coat of waterproof mascara in black (if you're dark) brown (if you're fair) or your favorite colour (if it's for a party). Eye and lip colours are very much up to you - there are thousands to choose from and it's just a case of experimentation. As a rule, always try to apply a thin layer of whatever it is to start with before building up more colour. Use a lip brush when applying lipstick, it's much neater and more elegant (if you're in a rush, a good replacement is a slick of Vaseline just to add some shine) and always blot with a tissue before leaving the house. (or it will come off on everything you touch). In terms of hair, you may want to grow it, or get it dyed, but you also might want to consider wigs. there are some brilliant ones these days and they allow you to experiment with different looks without the risk of something you need to wait six months to grow out. Also, look after your hands- hands are often what gives a guy away, so keep them smooth (shaving is fine, wax is better - and buy a good hand cream), manicured (nothing fancy, just clip them into a shape you like and use an emery board to keep them in shape) and if you like, painted (it is tricky to do yourself, even I struggle, maybe get someone to do it for you). Clothes is a whole subject of it's own, and depends a lot on your personal taste, but I suggest you start in jumble sales and second hand stores (ebay may be an option if you're feeling a bit shy) so you don't end up blowing too much money on things that don't really work for you. Try to get things that fit well - if you have to pad out a bra try to get hold of some proper prosthetics or falsies if you can, rather than stuffing with tissues or socks. Learn basic dressmaking skills so you can alter hemlines and waists to fit you better if needs be. Hope this helps. good luck with it.
  • just wear makeup

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