• Try putting it in a white vinegar bath to soak for about 15 minutes. Make sure the vinegar covers the item, rinse well after 15 min and it will sparkle. But DON'T do this if your item has a coating or enamel on it, it could damage the top layer.
  • If it's straight copper, get a bottle of copper sulfate solution from some place like mouser electronics or from sigma aldrich. If you have significant scratches, you just dip your copper in this stuff, and let it set for a minute, and it builds up a half mil of copper on your bracelet or ring or w/e, and then you polish it back down... perfectly smooth again. or, put a dissimilar metal in with it, and connect the two objects with a wire. Don't ever use aluminum... but this last process will tear copper atoms off the surface of the copper jewelry and thereby polish it evenly... sparkly, but lighter...

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