• i'll say pegasus, the winged horse.
  • Mr. Ed Trigger Secretariat
  • It probably depends if it is a racing horse or if it is a war horse or a working horse. Here are several... BUCEPHALUS This was a horse that no one could ride. Alexander the Great's father told him he could have any horse that he wanted. Of course this was the horse that Alexander wanted. Alexander did not have any problems training this horse because he noticed that Bucephalus was afraid of his own shadow. To solve this problem, he pointed Bucephalus into the sun and was able to train him. Together Alexander and Bucephalus founded the city of Bucephala. NELSON George Washington had a horse named Nelson. Nelson carried George Washington through his most important battles, Valley Forge and Yorktown. He was riding Nelson when the British surrendered. COMANCHE At the Battle of Little Big Horn the only survivor was the horse of Captain Miles Keogh. Comanche was found on the battlefield three days after the fight with arrows sticking in him. He was taken to Bismarck and nursed back to health. It was decided never to ride him again and he was used only in parades after that. ARISTIDES This horse won the first Kentucky Derby in 1875. This is a very famous horse race that takes place every year in the United States. Many people attend this big event from around the world. IROQUOIS Iroquois was the first American bred horse to win the English Derby. Another very famous horse race that people from around the world attend. PEGASUS Pegasus was a great winged horse of the goddesses in Greek Mythology. Also in the Walt Disney Movie Hercules, Pegasus was the life long partner of Hercules. TROJAN HORSE Was a giant wooden horse built by the Greeks to invade the city of Troy. Soldiers hid inside and then when everyone was asleep the soldiers snuck out and captured the city. MR. ED Mr. Ed was a Hollywood Horse in the l960's. He was a talking horse on television. The theme song for his shows went something like, "a horse is a horse of course of course, unless it's Mr. Ed." He was kept in a barn and could watch television. Only his master knew he could talk.
  • Man O War War Admiral SeaBiscuit BEAUTIFUL Jim KEY (the most INTELLIGENT HORSE THERE EVER WAS, Joe could read, write, do math with no prompts, he was taught the alphabet and to recognize written numbers.) Figure (belonging to Justin Morgan..this horse founded and entire breed of horse) Thank you for the type-o catch on Beautiful JIM Key
  • Mr Ed, Sea Biscuit, Red Rum, My mother...
  • Black Beauty?
  • What about "silver" the lone rangers horse !
  • Bucephalus Man O' War Big Ben
  • I would have to say The Godolphin Arabian, if you are talking about non-mythological modern history, and not tv or movie horses, as The Godolphin Arabian is the foundation of the thoroughbred racing horse brood stock, along with Byerly Turk and Darley Arabian. As for horses of TODAY, I think Rufian, Seattle Slew & Barbaro, for Thoroughbreds... and Doc Bar, Peppy San, Poco Bueno,Three Bars,Wimpy and so many more, for the great American Quarter Horse.
  • Bucephalus by far mate , used only by the best general ever , used only for battle , fearless , a total black muscular horse , not for "races" , Alexander the great was trusting his life on BUCEPHALUS . This was the true use of horses , war and only . He was the one and only , no matter the breed . He was the king of horses
  • Sea Biscuit!!!

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