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  • Sure, why not. I truly doubt they test for that stuff.
  • Actually, most places will need 2 blood samples. Also with plasma. They test the first "batch" for infections and drug use. Only after the blood is clean enough to want to pump into another human being will they use the second batch...
  • I have been asked before if I use illict drugs, most blood wagons will do a pre interview that is confidential.. they will even take your blood so yu can save face, then they will not use it.
  • No, they test you right there with an onsite tester and if your bloods dirty you can't donate. You're also put on a list that is circulated to all the blood banks to not take your blood. This includes the pay places. Jsut don't waste their time and resources fo rblood they can't use.
  • They are more worried about stuff like Hepatitis or HIV . That is probably more of a valid reason to shun I.V. drug users than anything else.
  • Marijuana and its metabolites aren't found in the blood after more than a week, so if you abstain there's no reason you can't donate blood. Other drugs have varying times they can be tested for in blood tests. If you have ever, even once, used IV drugs, then you should admit to it. They will screen it thouroughly anyway, and toss it if there's anything wrong. People with tattoos and piercings can donate blood as long as the procedure was done with sterile materials, in most countries.
  • Sure, MJ has no affect upon the blood you give. It shows up as a residual trace and that's how they can tell if you smoked it in your urinalysis. It has zero impact on the quality of the blood you donate.
  • I would hope that if you were unsure of what might come of your "tainted blood" or that there is a change it would be tainted that you would be smart enough not to even try
  • Wow, there seem to be a lot of myths out there as to what accually happens to blood once it is donated. I got this off the Red Cross website. It says nothing about specificaly testing for marijuana, so I doubt they do. Hope this helps. What Happens to Every Blood Donation? While the blood supply is safer than ever, the Red Cross has continued to make important advances in testing and processing. Assuring the safety of the blood supply is a high-tech process requiring at least nine specific tests; proper processing, labeling, and storage; and vigilant quality control. Routine donations are now tested for HIV and hepatitis C through nucleic acid testing (NAT), an investigational test that may reduce the "window period" — the time between a virus infecting the blood and the body forming antibodies that can be detected. The Red Cross has also made progress in providing a universally leukoreduced blood supply (removal of contaminated white cells), with virtually all blood provided as leukoreduced products in 2001. This is important because leukocytes (white blood cells) may not be tolerated well when transfused with red blood cells.
  • In the uk they test all blood so they would not use that blood.I would not like tainted blood in me thank you! You should not donate blood if you have drugs in your system,most blood goes to vunerable people like new born babies and the elderly its irresponsible to donate knowing your blood isnt how it should be!
  • I give blood about 3 or 4 times a year depending on when they are doing the drives, and where I am, and I am here to tell you I am an avid smoker, and they have never denied me for it. True i don't smoke like 20 minutes before I go, but even a few days would show up in some sort of test. Don't be nervous that they are going to have police men arrest you or something.. You have to wait a year if you've had piercings or tattoos.
  • I looked this up on a search engine asking the same thing and was fed up of seeing the same preachy answers from everyone - 'don't! It's not safe!' and 'stop smoking, it's bad'... quit being so judgmental! At least people that ask this question are taking an interest in giving blood and new blood donors are always needed. I rang the National Blood Helpline and asked them myself and the FACTUAL, FROM THE HORSES' MOUTH ANSWER IS: yes, you can, occasional cannabis use is not a problem. What they ask is that you refrain from being under the influence of it on the day that they give blood.
  • If you have done drugs with a needle or had a tat you tell them and know they will not want you to donate. as far as weed goes I am not sure.
  • Yeahhhh, half these people dont know what they are talking about and just like to jabber their mouths. smokeeee pottt. donate blood. peace and love man.
  • First of all marijuana isn't a drug, it's a plant. Someone I know smokes religiously and was allowed to donate blood. Maybe if you're selling it they'd deny you, but if it's donated i see no reason why they wouldn't let you give your blood if there's just a little herb in it. What's the worst that could happen... they do the blood transfusion, and the patient wakes up hungry, happy, and sleepy. The whole point of donating blood is to save someone's life, and seeing how marijuana itself has never killed anyone, it'd be ridiculous for them NOT to take it. But as far as drugs go, depending on the drug and its potential effects, they may deny it if it could be dangerous to put into someone else's body.
  • It's perfectly fine; several Red Cross chapters specifically say in their guidelines "acceptable if you are not under the influence at the time of donating." Their only real concern with the questions about drug use is increased risk of hepatitis, and whether you use needles. They do not test for THC or metabolites.
  • I considered commenting but this got out of hand. This answer only applies to Canada. First in regards to receiving tainted blood from a "drug user". According to most statistics over 90% of the population of North America has tried marijuana, not to mention a very large percentage that uses it regularly. These "drug users" are often times the "suits" you see walking down the street, or any other profession. What does a person who smokes marijuana look like? Probably the same as someone who consumes alcohol. (ever have a beer?) On that note for various medical and scientific reason blood services treats marijuana the same as they would alcohol. As long as you are not under the influence they don't care. In regards to it being in the blood, THC is fat soluble, meaning its in your blood for a very short period of time and remain in various other parts of your body for much longer (i.e. excreted in urine from metabolised fat, hair, etc..) In canada when you go to donate you DO NOT HAVE TO LIE! the only questions they ask you are related to needle drug use NOT MARIJUANA. The risk form they use is available at I regards to testing, they do test on site, they take 6 vials of blood i believe. THEY DO NOT TEST FOR THC they test for HEP C, HIV, etc... PLEASE DO NOT LET MISINFORMATION PREVENT YOU FROM DONATING! EVEN IF YOU MIGHT BE TURNED DOWN (U.S.) YOU ARE NOT WASTING TIME OR RESOURCES, IF YOU ARE FINE TO DONATE YOU CAN SAVE A LIFE!
  • They don't care about marijuana. They are far more concerned about use of intraveinous drugs, unprotected or high-risk sexual activity, and other factors that could potentially put you at risk for having "tainted" blood such as tattoos and hepatitis.
  • We just called the hotline and asked this question, and this is the official response from an RN at *Canadian* Blood Services: Wait until the effects of the marijuana wear off, and then an additional 12 hours. Other than that, not an issue.
  • Smoking marijuana will NOT make your blood unacceptable for donation. PERIOD. I donated less than 3 hours ago and I smoked pot less than 24 hours prior. I even asked the doctor if it was okay and he laughed and said "yes it's fine as long as you're not high right now". The only drugs they care you use are those that directly affect your blood (antibiotics, BP meds, etc) and those that put you at risk for spreading disease (needle drugs). So potheads, start donating!
  • From the Savannah Red Cross Website on the what conditions are exceptable for blood donaton: Marijuana, "Weed", "Pot", "Ganga" Acceptable as long as you are not under the influence of marijuana at the time of donation. Don't believe it? Check it out for yourselves, everything you've ever wanted to know about giving blood: One more thing, as someone who volunteers regularily at a hospital AND donates blood, I would just like to say that it is highly irresponsible for unqualified people to advice others NOT to give blood. I know where I live, we are at a critical shortage right now. Medical professionals specifically say that it is okay to donate if you smoke marijuana, as long as you are not high at the time. If you are willing to give your blood to save another's life, then bless you and thank you.
  • if its just pot then don't dont worry but if your cracked out and or drunk then get out of here with your nasty blood or plazma, cuz all your YOU want is crack money, but pot...sure why not. plus most places like plasma places that pay. really dont care. because its third party owned and they make multi millions even billions a year! taking ne ones plasma with no aids or stds and no tats or peircings with n the last 12 months.
  • They don't test your blood, they test it for aids, HIV, etc. They do ask you questions tho, but the drug questions are cocanie, and drugs administred by a needle (heroin etc), they don't ask about weed.
  • i smoke my self and i just donated blood they will take it
  • Actually it doesn't matter if you smoke weed because they don't fucking care. Whoever says you can't donate if you have weed in your system is wrong, they want your blood to save lives, and if they end up using it on someone else it is not as if they will get high. Smoke all the weed you want and donate all you want, they test your blood after it leaves the donation center and if they find a problem that makes your blood unusable then they won't use it. I don't know about other drugs most other drugs aren't found in the bloodstream after a few days though. This is because marijuana is one of the only fat soluble drugs there are so I'm guessing other drugs would not really matter. Although I would not suggest using any illegal drugs, but I'm not here to tell you what to do.

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