• Well, why would your partner lie like that? What a horrible lie to tell, one that I can only imagine someone saying if they didnt want to be in a relationship - And then why make up a hurtful story?
  • This is a difficult one to answer as it really depends on how long the relationship has been going on between girlfriend and boyfriend and what the level of trust was before the confession. to be honest I would ask myself what my boyfriend/girlfriend had to gain by lying to me about the infidelity in the first place. My advise would be to try and get them both together and find out the truth. if they both continue to give different stories then I would just go with my gut instincts.
  • I would definitely believe the boyfriend/girlfriend. AFter all, why would they make that up? What do they have to gain from making up a lie like that? Now, think about what the best friend has to LOSE because you now know about this infidelity. OF COURSE they are going to deny it! They made a huge mistake and now they're going to have to pay for it. I say get rid of the both of them.
  • I don't think it matters who you believe....... if your boy/girl friend is lying.... dump them, if they're cheating..... dump them.

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