• I guess it's because you call people what they want to be called. If African Americans prefer to be called "African Americans", it's only respectful to refer to them as they wish.
  • It is rude. Black and White aren't the correct terms to describe a skin tone's color. Light skinned or dark skinned are right. Or if you prefer, you call light skinned people: caucasians. And dark skinned people: African Americans. Say you're white. Would you like it for someone to say: Hey check out that white boy? Or a remark like: Look at that cracker? Calling a person black is not right and african americans might find it offensive and hurting. And who justifies the fact that EVERYONE calls causcasians White? There are many respectful people who here stick to the right terms.
  • I think calling a black person african american makes the assumption that they are both from africa, and american! What about black people that live in england?? Are they African Britians?
  • As Neil Young stated in his song "I am a Child" - What is the color when black is brown?
  • Word "black" was considered as a low-status word and word "white" was considered as a high-status one, so it is never a good idea to call someone "black".
  • Because terms are constantly changing, and this one isn't sudden, it's been on the radar for years. I personally think using the term 'black' isn't accurate for most of the darker skin tones, almost nobody is dark enough for 'black' to be anywhere near accurate. I also think the term "African American" is pretty stupid too... there are plenty of dark skinned people that aren't from Africa, and some caucasian people that are. In the end, the important thing is the attitude behind the choice of words. It is wise to use those that are most accepted by the community to which they refer.
  • I am a Black American currently living and working Rwanda Africa. I am and always have considered myself a Black American. I don't need to hyphenate my ethnicity as is the popular thing to do. I think a person's ethnicity should be defined by that person. If a white person wants to be Irish-American a brown wants to be Mexican-American and a Black person wants to be African-American then to each his or her own.
  • seriously? no joke whats the new word, it makes me mad when we change crap this often. What the heck is wrong with being black or black american!? but really , whats the new word now?
  • I gave up a long time ago, I just call everyone "dood", every age, every color, every gender, saves me a lot of grief
  • This one gets me fired up! First of all, my ancestors were from England. Stand up and take note; I am no longer white, I now wish to be called an "English American" A few years back, I was listening to Rush Limbaugh's show on the radio. He had a guest host in for him that day (the host was black). A black man called in to declare that he was also an "African American," and wanted the host to know how proud the caller was that an African American could be honored with hosting the show. What came next floored me. The host, whose dialect sounded black, announced to the caller, "Whoa, stop! I AM NOT an African American." The caller was silenced. The host continued, "First we were niggers, then we were negros, then we became black, the it was afro americans, and now African Americans. I stopped changing when I became black."
  • Science tells us that the origin of man was in Africa. If that is true, then we are all 'African Something'
  • I have yet to have anyone complain to me for calling them "black." However, I also don't make a habit of identifying someone by their race, but rather by their name or whatever personal term (such as 'moron, dumbass, girl, dude, yo, hey you, person ... yes, I've used all of those). I think the whole race thing is stupid. We're all people. Drop it right there.
  • it's asince of pride that were accepted as americans even though i perfer to be called black
  • Well it'd be nice to have an unchanging standard wouldn't it?
  • I would rather be called ''black'' than coloured and I know that my friends and family also feel the same. I refer to myself as ''black British'' because that is what I am, and I don't see calling someone ''black'' as offensive in any way.
  • the TRUTH is...they are shallow and unreasonable..those who whine and complain ....many dont , not that SMALL...but u look at their reasoning..Jesse Jackson= don't matter he is black american ,an adulterer, robs them of their money, HE IS BLACK ..all that matters....O J SIMPSON= a murderer, liar, don't matter, HE BLACK.....very small thinking concepts....they feel ENTITLED to things they know NOTHING OF....its called too much FALSE VANITY AND PRIDE..:) the TRUE RACISTS of TODAY...selfish bigots..
  • I really dont care... Nor should you. Political correctness... really annoys the sh*t out of me!
  • Some of us remember when black WAS the politically correct term. At first, the word which none of us must ever utter was the bad word and the word Negro was supposed to convey more dignity. That was well before even my grandmother's time. Then the word Negro acquired the same connotations as the word we must not utter and colored became the more dignified and politically correct term. Then colored acquired the same connotations and politically correct became "Say it loud, I'm black and I'm proud. Then black acquired the same connotations and African American became politically correct. One day, maybe we will figure out that you can't change attitudes by changing vocabulary and what we need to change is attitudes.
  • What, I am wondering do you call white people who originate from Africa and then settle in USA? are they also African Americans? In UK we still call black people black, and white people white. True, black people are not black, but white people are,likewise, not white.
  • Because you can't say anything anymore without some overly up-tight person moaning! In the UK 'Black' is politically correct.
  • I personally don't care if the person is black,white,yellow,purple,green..ect. There just like everyone else I have no idea what's the problem and can't belive racisim is still around pathetic really I just refer to everyone guy or girl or whatever their colour dosent even come to mind.
  • Why not indeed? I know a naturalized caucasian women who was born in South Africa. She refers to herself as African American. Seems appropriate. Or does it? Hmmm
  • I would venture a guess that most african americans have not even been to Africa, let alone come from Africa. I have no problem with calling them blacks.
  • I can't keep up with all the labels that liberals place on themselves. I'll just keep on calling them colored.
  • Not all African Americans are black. My buddy Dave is from South Africa, born and raised. Now he's here and as white as snow. He's more African than any blacks folks I've met.
  • probably cause they dont like it when people call them that

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