• a beach wedding is classy and romantic.
  • It's classy and very romantic. My husband and I just got married on the beach and it was beautiful. Plus, everyone had a wonderful time and were much more relaxed than they would have been at a formal Church wedding.
  • I think a beach wedding at sunset would be quite beautiful, certainly very memorable ; ) As for tacky / classy... I wouldn't say it's either of them really... It could be quite beautiful and romantic, depending on the weather / time of day / how much those involved actually like beaches, but it's certainly not tacky and it's not classy compared to some other potential venues.
  • Classy. The important thing is the thought that two people who are in love with each other are formalizing their ties.
  • Well i think its different and classy but the way i say different i mean you could get some people critisising you.
  • I think it is a wonderful idea. You can't be any closer to god then out in nature... :)
  • It could be either, I think it just depends on how it's handled, and decorated. I love the idea of it and the beautiful (free) scenery, except I hate the whole dirty/sandy feet thing. I'm going for a seaside wedding, but somewhere not in the sand, such as a seaside courtyard at a mansion.
  • It could be either or neither, depending on the beach and how it is done. It shouldn't matter, if it is what the couple wants, then they should do it and be happy.
  • It depends. Is the bride wearing a coconut bra? Cuz THAT'S tacky. But I have been to several beach weddings that were all classily done. Not my personal cup of tea, but they were beautiful.
  • I think it could be really nice if it was done properly.
  • They can be both. It all depends on how its done.
  • Mine was perfect!:)
  • In my opinion a beach wedding is absolutely beautiful, and very romantic.
  • tacky, go with something more not sand between the toes
  • I get sick of going to the same old big church weddings. A beach spells FUN for those attending.
  • It can be either. If you plan sufficiently, and think ahead, you can certainly make it classy.
  • A wedding is whatever the two people make it. I have performed weddings on the beach, in the mountains, on an airplane and on a shooting range. Also in private homes, halls, schools, offices and many outdoor locations. What made the weddings memorable, those that were, was the energy of the couple and the guests. The location usuallyhas some meaning to the couple...let that be your guide. Everything else falls into place.
  • classy.
  • A friend of mine from the Midwest USA went to Hawaii, her birthplace, to have her dream wedding on the beach. I really thought from the pictures it was quite classy. What better set up can a person get than a gorgeous one done by God and Mother Nature?

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