• The best reason I can think of is that when you live in a motel, where the rent is a pay as you go, nightly affair, you're free to stop paying and drop out with only a day's notice or less, whereas when you rent an appartment you have to wait at least a couple of weeks or possibly months before you can break the rental contract and move out. Ah, Motel living, smells like (Well, I won't go into what it literally *Smells* like, but figuratively speaking) Freedom.
  • I guess that some people see it as an advantage to have their room made up for them each day, and the cleaning of the bathroom done, and a restaurant downstairs instead of having to cook. It could be, too, that the hotel/motel is close to the city centre and cuts down on transport costs. It may not end up being so big a difference in costs when all things are taken into consideration.
  • Because in a motel you're not looking at things like cleaning up after yourself, paying a gas, electric, cable, or water bill, and some people just like the atmosphere.
  • The person may not pass a credit check or is unable to provide a deposit on an apt esp if they are minimum wage worker. Sometimes more then not they are just a day away from being homelss and living in their car. A great book on this is called "Nickle & Dimed"
  • cause the maids do everything and then you dont have to clean anything cause they do it

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