• It won't be like Star Trek where you can be "beamed" to or from anywhere. There will have to be a teleporter at both ends. And I guarantee there won't be teleportation machines in prisons.
    • mushroom
      Well, it might be a more secure method to send prisoners to some remote island.
  • I assume that once we gain the capability to teleport anywhere rather than between teleporters, the sentient A.I. we'll have by then will help develop a "reflective" wall that prisons will be made out of so any attempts to teleport anyone out of prison will result in the beam bouncing back. Also, sensors could be placed so prison officials could figure out where the beam is coming from.
    • mushroom
      There's also a straightforward remote control locking.
  • You'd probably have to have teleportation points at both ends. Try reading "The Jaunt" by Stephen King.
  • The high energy demands. I doubt even Escobar could afford the satellite management and power demands required to teleport. Teleportation is possible but it's just too costly to do on any grander scale. small beams of light are all that has been teleported in the lab so far at the cost of billions.

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