• At least in Oregon it is. I got a parking ticket, one by one cop and another by another cop of the same department. I had to pay both...
  • It is in some places. (Washington DC) One example that comes to mind is when on a date, the guy parked his car and we went to dinner and then to a movie. He came out to find that he had been issued a parking ticket for each hour he was parked there (4 total). (Virginia) I also had a friend who was past due for their required state safety inspection and got nailed twice on one trip home from work for the expired inspection sticker. When she protested that she had just received one a short time ago, the officer informed her that she was now in a different county and was subject to being ticketed for the same infraction. He also pointed out to her that even if she were ticketed again in either county that it would stick because you're not supposed to be driving on an expired sticker period.
  • A similar thing happened to me in Virginia also- It was both expired tags and expired sticker. I got a ticket twice in the same day. The second officer told me when I got stopped the first time I should have arranged to have the vehicle towed home until I got it all straightened out.
  • if you get two or more tickets, say the same cop follows you where you are going and pulls you over at regular intervals, then they will probably be thrown out do to the judge noticing a pattern of harrassment. but if you just luky enough to get each one by a different officer then you probably get stuck with them.
  • As soon as your vehicle is defected by a 'fix-it' ticket, it is technically unroadworthy and as far as I know it is no longer legally allowed to be driven on the road until the defect is cleared. I'm surprised the officer let you drive off to start with. Since a 'defected' car is technically unroadworthy, you have no insurance cover in the case of an accident, and if he/she wanted to be nasty the second time, the officer (or another officer) could get you for driving an unroadworthy vehicle, which is a much bigger deal than a defect notice.
  • It would probably be a waste of government citation paper. common sense would tell you that if you received a citation for a defective vehicle, why would you continue to drive it? it depends on the seriousness of the defect. i once towed a vehicle because the left rear tire had the steel belt slapping the pavement. seeing the same defective vehicle two days in a row, would definitely qualify for a second citation or a seizure. traffic safety is what it is all about.
  • I've been driver for almost 30 years, and I have a disablity. In Australia there a law stating that persons with disabilities can stay parked in a timed parking bay for twice the time allowed as per the sign. Well I finally got a parking ticket, but got out of it. In order for the parking officer to issue the ticket for say over-staying a one hour parking zone, techincally the officer would have to be at that parking bay watching me getting the wheelchair out of the car. Because, if he had not idea when I turned up, how on earth can he figure out when double that time would expire. I have got out of every parking ticket I have ever got. I have however got a fine for driving an unroadworthy vehicle. You can buy permits, but you can't drive the car at night. I had no way out. I was told by the police officer that I could be fined again if I started the car up, but since I was in the street where I lived, they assured me they would turn a "blind eye" and I was to go directly home. You can't win them all
  • Sorry, but all of you people talking about parking tickets got off the subject( although you seem to agree on that subject). Same thing with expired tags/inspection stickers. Here in NC, it has been my experience that if an officer gives you a ticket for defective equipment,she will either let you go-in which case if another officer stops you for the same thing you POLITELY inform the second officer of the citation and that you are on your way to get the problem fixed or, if at night, that you will fix the problem the next morning. The second officer will usually let you go. On the other hand, if the defective equip't. is serious enough to warrant parking/towing the car, the officer will either let you call a tow or call one for you. IF IT IS A PARK OR TOW SITUATION, ANY OFFICER WHO SEES YOU DRIVING THE VEHICLE BEFORE THE PROBLEM IS FIXED CAN GIVE YOU ANOTHER TICKET.
  • In CA, this is technically possible. If one officer issues a citation for tinted windows and the motorist is stopped two hours later with tinted windows, they're still in violation of 26708(a)(1) VC. Thus, that could be ticketed again. However, most cops wouldn't do that. Extend the second stop to a month after the first, and a second citation--maybe non-correctable this time around--is in order.
  • It is true. But it is also a favor to you. By threatening you a little bit with a second ticket, he was just kicking you in the pants to fix it and do it soon, like RIGHT AWAY. He did you a favor letting you drive on, and he did you a favor not giving you another ticket down the road, and he did you a favor waking you up with a kick to the lazy pants. He didn't have to do any of those three. Now do everyone a favor: get the darn car fixed, before it gets REALLY complicated.
  • Technically, yes. Let's say it's for having one headlight. If I write you a ticket and I see you driving down the road 5 minutes later, aren't you still driving with one headlight? Actually, it's kind of a dick move but he could tow your car as well.

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