• I think the problem is that you are adding too many foreign chemicals to your tank. Smoky water is common in new tanks while the bacterial load is building but since you have hair algae, this is not the issue. Phos X is sold for freshwater ponds and aquaria and may not be suitable for salt systems. My advice would be to remove the Phos X bag and filter the water through a tight media to collect the fine particles for dispossal. Once you get the tank re-stabilized, you can defend against hair algae by purchasing a spiny urchin. They love to eat algae. Keep in mind that algae is actually good for the system. The plant life will remove nitrates and phosphates for you as it grows. The trick is to control it so it doesn't take over the tank but still leave some for purification purposes. An urchin will do that for you.
  • a refugium will help with the hair algae and tangs love to eat that stuff..i use a phosphate sponge and it works great. so with the cloudyness, it could be from not activating the phosphate with tap water

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