• The answer is... YES... yes you can I bought Chrono Cross and have a slim PS2. I was screwed because I forgot I didnt have a ps1 memory card. I went out and got a ps1 card... for like 5 bucks. Popped it in... and FORMATTED IT. There was no option.. just a normal format. This scared me because I thought I had just formatted my card to be used with PS2 games... I had to reach Termina... and then the moment of truth.... Would it save to my PS1 card the I formatted on a PS2. Click... Save. PROFILE SAVED 1 BLOCK! So yes. You can infact format a PS1 card on a PS2 consel.
  • I don't know... I have a slim ps2 aswell, and I bought a ps1 memory card online. It asked me to format, so i did. Sadly, the game always saves, but when i fire up my ps2 for another round of chrono trigger, It ALWAYS asks me to format again. Any help with that?
  • i've tried like 10 times on tekken 3 but it just doesn't format i also tried it on mortal kombat 4 but that didn't work either so....any help
  • I wouldn't imagine so. +5

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