• whichever one you want
  • A Nintendo,,cheap and good games too. last forever.
  • Sony Playstation 4 with a VR headset. The best!
  • Consoles are rarely worth buying just for the exclusives but that largely depends on your personal taste. The XboX 360 has a more solid games library than the PS3, but the PS4 beats the Xbox One. It comes down to budget and peronal preference. If you absolutely have to get a console for exclusives, then a PS3 would be my choice. Simply because it has a larger game library to choose from compared to the PS4 right now. Do your homework first, figure out what games you want to play, before you decide on a console, not the other way around - and you should be fine. Or just stick with your PC, and put sink all your money into the next Steam sale - it
  • I did not buy a console, my friend recommend me to purchase a key from we can enjoy game, he said xbox one is his always choice. But I think Sony seems to be more reliable than MicroSoft. I will have a PS4 in the future.I would say my first choice maybe is the PlayStation 4.

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