• I have never heard of a dog's bladder bleeding from holding it. He may have an infection or some other problem. You should take him to a vet right away.
  • I assume this is a Male puppy, since you did refer to it as a HE. Blood coming from the penis generally means one of two things. 1. Your puppy may have been in a fight and have minor damage to the sheath (which you should be able to SEE looking at it) or 2. Your puppy has a very serious bladder infection or prostrate problem (the later being somewhat less likely for a puppy) MORE likely is that he has a very well developed infection. Since 6 weeks is NOT considered an optimum time to even remove a puppy from the dam, I strongly urge you to make the drive and get him to a vet as soon as possible. If this is a bad infection, he can become dehydrated very quickly, which can lead to death. Normal temp for a dog is 100.4 to 102.2 and I would suggest you check his now, not all infections cause a fever, but it would give you some sort of gage to judge were he is on the scale of what normal should be. Also, removing any baby animal from the mother is usually a VERY stress inducing time for the baby and the Mom...stress to this degree coupled with a probable a very debilitating situation for a puppy only 6 weeks old. Most puppies are not removed from the Mother until at LEAST 8 WEEKS...this little one has JUST been pulled off of the teat within the past week! Really responsible breeders wait until the litter is 10 to 12 weeks, because there are important and beneficial "life" lessons that the puppies teach each other (and Mom teaches too) these final weeks, lessons that make for a much easier to train puppy! Plus, EMOTIONALLY they are better prepared to go on out to the new loving home...and Mom dog is DONE with the idea by then too! Everyone is more balanced. I'm really sorry, and I'd prefer to be wrong, but I sure would take him right in, 100 miles or not...The information I've given you is accurate and good, but since I can't SEE your pup...there maybe ADDITIONAL signs that something is wrong that no one here can see! Good luck...and shame on the breeder who handed him off too young! NOT optimum for the pup at all!

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