• If a civilian gave the info that lead to him, that person would get the reward. The reward would be shared with other civilians whose info contributed to the hit. However, despite what you've seen in horse operas, and heard from the Shrub, official reward posters did not usually, and do not now , say "Wanted, Dead or Alive." The rewards are offered for "INFORMATION leading to the location", or "apprehension, " or "arrest," or "conviction," or rarely "execution." In fact, the official FBI web site ( ) says this about the reward "The Rewards For Justice Program, United States Department of State, is offering a reward of *up to* $25 million for information leading directly to the *apprehension or conviction* of Usama Bin Laden." ( My ** added [no italics in the bag],nmj) " An additional $2 million is being offered through a program developed and funded by the Airline Pilots Association and the Air Transport Association." The information is to be given to an official who will then complete the action as part of regular duties and reward the info giver. Chances are, though, that "apprehension" will be loosely defined so as to include death. US Government employees involved in the search are not eligible for publicly offered rewards, including CIA employees ( at least at the level of operating a drone search). The military, law enforcement, special-ops, most diplomatic employees etc are supposed to be doing that anyway as part of their normal job. It is not so clear if employees of foreign governments are eligible. It is also not clear if a non-military or non-law enforcement US government employee is eligible, a Dept. of Agriculture agent on an aid mission for example. There are some 'reward' systems set up inside various Departments that could be termed a bonus for a specific employee or GI who did an outstanding job. That reward could be cash , a promotion, a medal, or just good publicity. Govt. employees also can not accept rewards or gifts from other governments or private individuals. Mr Gottbux III can't give the agent a gazillion bucks for zapping Bin. It's a grayer area if Private Smith zaps him, it gets even foggier if Gottbux waits till Smith is discharged. ( Sgt York and Audey Murphy both received gifts of monetary value after their military achievements) The reason for the ban on private gifts is obvious, is it a reward or a bribe? ( Gottbux gives the beat cop a $25 gift for paying special attention to Gottbux's bank, which means the cop is distracted from Flatbroke's Fruitstand.[or Gottbux's speakeasy]) The reason for the ban on publicly offered rewards for US officials dates back to the wild west. Rewards used to be a part of US Marshall and other lawmen's salary. This lead to lawmen concentrating on crimes for which rewards were offered and neglecting others. Even worse were conspiracies between US Marshals or others authorized to offer rewards and deputies or other lawmen. Often a reward wasn't offered until someone actually located a wanted person, then the Marshal decided that guy was really a baddie and a reward should be offered, when the deputy brought the desperado in and received his reward, he and the marshal would split the reward.

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