• The decals that are on football helmets are simply rewards for welldoings during games. They are rewarded for big hits, sacks, touchdown passes among other things.
  • The stickers represent tackles, sacks, caused fumbles, fumbles recovered, touchdowns, interceptions. The team symbol represents touchdowns, and in most places, a skull and cross bone represents sacks.
  • The stickers or marking represent recognition of good play made by that player. (e.g. if a player make a tackle that prevented the opposition from scoring a game winning touchdown, that player will receive a sticker).
  • All of the answers you see here are correct. Helmet stickers have been around since the introduction of the hard plastic helmet. They are worn as a badge of honor and used as an intimidation ploy. Determination of who receives them is usually done by the coaches after watching the game films. Ohio State is probably the most recognized. They only use one sticker with a team sybol on it. The most common are the star, football, skull and crossbones, and team symbol. Each having there own meaning for each team. The player at the end of the year who has the most stickers in often (but not always) rewarded with team MVP
  • maybe its their way of advertising something

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