• I don't think that this is a question of "wrong" or "right". It is definitely a little unusual, although not unheard of. You need to think about the future. Right now, when he's 55, it may not be a big deal. He is probably still fairly active and willing to do the things that you want to do. But what do you want out of your life? Do you want kids? Chances are, if you do, he might not - especially if he has had any already. You need to also think about how your family and his will handle this relationship. It may not matter to you, and if that's the case, fine, but my experience has taught me that, even if you don't care about their approval now, you might in the future. And now for my editorial comment: It is very unlikely that your relationship will work in the long-run. Chances are, the goals that you set for yourself in life will be hindered by him and you will resent him for it. He has probably done so many things that you still need to experience in your life, and he isn't going to want to go through them all again. You might be able to be happy with him for a while, but (I've seen this happen) once you get to be a little older, you will start to wonder about all of the things that you have missed out on by being with him. I know there isn't a right or wrong answer to your question, but you need to think this through and decide if it's what's best for you. If you decide that it is....good luck.
  • I'm in your boat dear! I'm 24, my love is 52. I lived with him for about a year helping raise his 4 year old (he also has an 18 and 16 year old). I began to resent the fact that I might be missing out on a few things of being younger and family planning became an issue. I moved out. A year later and we can't stop seeing each other. I honestly believe love knows no boundaries and we can't help who we fall in love with. If it's love, it will take a little more work than a "normal" age gap, but it will be worth it. We're attempting our relationship in a more serious manner, family planning included (four years=children). Best of luck to you. Keep me posted!
  • im in the same boat :)
  • there is nothing unusual about this at all. a lot of women do like men who are older than them. one reason for this is that older men are often better at taking control.
  • If it works for you, do it. I'm in a similar situation - the age difference is not that great, but close enough. Society's going to tell you it's wrong, but if you are both over 18 and neither of you have hangups about it, then it is fine. Enjoy your relationship. :-)
  • Nothing wrong....but just a thought: When he's in his 70s and you're still 'hot', could he live with it? Have you talked about this with him? If you haven't, you should.
  • Nothing wrong with it if you're in it for the right reasons (i.e. not his money). But I agree with Bon's comment that it might be wise for you to consider how you (and he) will feel in the future when you're still young and he isn't anymore ~ there might be a greater gap in your interests and things in common than the age difference at that point. Having said that, if it's working for the both of you, go with what feels right! Good luck and much happiness!
  • ahh, it's kinda gross and i can say that because when i was 22 i liked a man who was 51. :) good luck happens
  • sweetheart eventually everyone gets out of bed. then what?
  • Hi, I'm the person who originally posted this question (over two years ago!) and, as many people thought, I am no longer with that man. I don't think I became disinterested as much because of HIS age a MY age: I've grown up so much in two years (I think a lot of growing up happens during the span of one's twenties), and I have very different goals, concerns, and values as far as romantic relationships go. Since that relationship broke-up I've been in two more, both of which broke up and now I'm taking some time to just be by myself. I don't regret any of it - I continue to learn a lot about myself, other people, how I affect others and they affect me, as well as numerous other life lessons. Thanks to everyone who suggested I try the relationship out - I'm glad I took the chance and glad to be on the other side of it.
  • Not wrong at all. You are old enough to know what you like.
  • If it is real from both sides, not wrong. If either of you is using the other, then yes. By using I mean for money, sex, bragging rights, etc. If the emotions on both sides are genuine, then I wish the two of you luck!
  • My husband is 29 years older then me but everyone thinks we are the same age. He is young for his age. And we have been married for 21 years as of April 30.
  • NO PROBLEM AT ALL!!! Love is not matter of age, it only matter are you happy and your partner.
  • what ever makes your boat float
  • No... love knows not age or color... love on. Prove everyone wrong...
  • I'm 61 so I say "Hell No!" :p
  • nothing whatsoever, I am 48 do you have any friends who also want to experience the wisdom, experience and failing body parts of an older man:))))
  • nope age is just a number!
  • Nothing, other than how long on this planet he will be with you. When I was 25, I had a big chip on my shoulder, I was at war with the world. I fought all the time and lost sergeant two different times because of fighting. I was a Jerk! Now after twenty years, I am far more gentler and aggression from someone usually just looks silly to me. And I am a HELL of alot wiser!
  • he should be well able to perform at 55 if you like him there should be no problem

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