• why not AB?
  • Educational reform? Alternative history? Hypnosis? The Life and Times of ______?
  • Before I give you a different answer: There is always something unique about drugs you can do, I'm sure I can come up with something if we talk :) Something you didn't restrict: Religion! Tons of controversy, and tons of information. For this I personally would pick a stance attacking all religion as a concept, not just a certain religion, but it's up to you.
  • Does it have to be controversial like the ones you mentioned? Perhaps, things like the following would work? Animal Rights Environmental Protection Capital Punishment Genetic Engineering Censorship Separation of Church versus State
  • The history of easter. Phallic symbols in art and various cultures. The history of mental asylums, like those where the people go about and make art.
  • Since a few of your classmates are probably doing the dangers of drugs and why and how we should get them off the streets, how about a presentation on why it would be better to legalize them? It probably would make them cheaper. There wouldn't be as many people getting killed over them. They may become easier to keep track of. I'm sure there's a lot more about this online. How about the history of the Empire State Building? Or a story on how maintenance gets done on the outside of the building (how do they wash the windows that high up, or how do they change the light bulbs)? Is anyone doing anything on global warming? How about a presentation on how no one seems to care about it because it will hurt the poor more than the rich, and the rich are the ones with the power to try to fix it? If the seas rise, the water will wipe out mostly the coastal areas of many countries. Places like India and Africa have many poor people living there. You could do a presentation on why it was a very brave thing for Gerald Ford to pardon Richard Nixon. Ford felt it would help the nation to heal if the whole situation with Nixon was over with quickly, as opposed to dragging it out in the courts. But, by doing so, it meant political suicide for Ford and he probably knew that. Or you can dispel some common misconceptions in life in general. For example: People do not catch colds by being cold. They catch colds by coming in contact with cold germs. Immune systems are lowered by exposure to cold, but most of us are not exposed to cold enough temps for long enough times for it to make much of a difference (forrest rangers have that problem more than the average person). Also, it doesn't matter if you drink different kinds of alcohol within a short time of each other. It won't make you any drunker or sicker: It's all alcohol. You could also research a strange animal and do a presentation on that. I have two degus. They are South American rodents that are the size or rats and resemble gerbils, but with more intelligence and personality. That's just one example. Or you can talk about the platypus. It is the only egg-laying mammal. The males have a spur on the inside of their hind legs, which have poison in them. They are very interesting creatures. I don't know what state you are from, but you could do a presentation on things unique to your state. You could inform your classmates on the state flower, song, mammal, dinosaur (yes, some states have one), insect, bird, motto (and where it came from). I hope I have helped. Let us know what you decided to do.
  • Long before PowerPoint, I did a visual presentation on Prunes. The history of prunes is fascinating. With a little research you will discover that prunes were associated with witchcraft. The California Prune Association is forever trying to stimulate the Prune industry. Contact them. My presentation was so much fun relating all the benefits of prunes to health and especially nature's perfect laxative. At the end, I handed out little baggies of dried prunes to the class. My grade was an A+. You can do this, give it a try.
  • how about a talk on censorship in movies/books/theater? I've been into this since jr. high (way back in the 1950's!!) an it still fascinates one will ever think to do this......Look up the MPAA production code of 1934 to see what was 'not allowed' in the movies back then, and up until around'll die laughing....also the effect of Italy's Neorealism movement in film after WWII and how it affected our movies....with TV, how the language is getting a little racier every so often....recently I heard someone on TV say..'that really pissed me off' HUH? & now the word 'shit' is becoming 'acceptable' new TV series with the word SHITTE in it, and a new laxative called, believe it or not, "WHOLLY SHIT" times change!!! anyway, just wanted to throw that out there; if it doesn't appeal to you, it may set the wheels in motion for you to come up with something else!! BY the way, in the 1930s/40s/50s, you couldnt say 'hot' as in 'she's hot'.....!!!!!!! incredible, huh? Whatever you decided to do, good luck and have some fun with it......

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