• Well, to other states, hardly. I don't really like to travel. I can't travel if I wanted to, I'm only 13. I can't go to another state alone. But I REALLY want to go to New York. I want to see all of the Archie stuff their and buy them!
  • Lately not much,but when I do it is 3-4 months at a time to different countries of the world.
  • Once or twice a summer with my family and 46 miles to work each day (92 miles round trip)
  • I am in the military so I travel to places i really dont want to go for long periods of time. But when i do have down time i go where ever my wallet will allow.
  • This will be my first summer of travelling, i have never been on a plane!
  • I travel to school and back. Then I travel to work and back. That's about all I have time for.
  • I was traveling alot.. worked on Carnival Cruise Ships. Now i work for a travel agency. I still travel 1-3 times a year to another country.
  • Once a year on a cruise.
  • I was just telling my husband that if it were possible I would be on the go all of the time. We are foreign missionaries so we travel a lot the way it is. I love to drive my own car when I can but flying is great for those longer trips. Traveling is our full time job.
  • We travel almost 9 months a year - maybe not surprising for a travel writer and a travel photographer:,com
  • Not nearly as much as I would like to. One of these days I am going to take off to Italy and elope. Mark my words, answerbag!
  • Once every year to NJ.
  • Target to do it once a year. However, in certain year, due to tight work schedule, it become 1.5 years. Some visited place are:
  • alot me and my family have been so many places, i have even been out of the united states..
  • Once a year abroad. I would love to travel more than that but limited budget prevents me.
  • Almost 200 days last year and 2008 is going to be close also. Well, I do have a reputation to uphold! :-)
  • I treavel a lot throughout the year with the nature of my career bring British Forces you can imagine for yourself
  • with current gas prices we travel as little as possible. We visit family twice a year instead of monthly. I plan trips to run errands so I do not waste any more fuel than necessary. My husband travels for work regularly but his employer covers his expenses thankfully. I wish we could travel more for fun, but we just cannot afford it anymore.

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