• Since you said you have opened your playstation 2 check around your disk tray. Where it moves make sure it aint caught on anything and make sure it aint out of alignment or anything. When you open your playstaion 2 you might have to pull it out with your hands it might resist a little but you just have to pull on it then you can see if there is anything in the way or if it is out of alignment. if you cant figure out whats wrong by doing that then I dont know what to tell you. I have the samething wrong with mine and i still cant figure out whats wrong with it i have done everything i can but still cant figure it out.
  • If you have it hooked up through your VCR the three cables may be mixed up or hooked up incorrectly. If you have an RFU adapter, I dont know what to tell you.
  • Your O/S is wiped. if you've recently installed a mod chip or accidentally played a burned disk, you probubly wiped it. if you haven't then you have an even bigger challenge. the board is like a laptops, multi-layered, if there is even one break in a crucial line inside that board then don't even attempt to fix it. it would be cheaper to buy a whole new ps2. the board itself is $200+ and a fully built brand new ps2 is $149.99.
  • If your ps2 SCPH-5xxxx replace your LA6508 chip. if your ps2 SCPH-3xxxx etc, replace your BA5815FM chip Using 15watts solder and smallest needlepin, or give to someone expert to do it.
  • easy the wires are burnt out or most likey you out put wire that hooks your ps2 to the t.v is not the right type it may fit but it still could be the worng type

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