• Personal choice.
  • No. The coat provides an insulation and can actually help keep the dog cool in the summer heat; instead you can take time every day to help groom your dog by helping to brush out the undercoat, which the dog will shed in the warmer months. A Pyr's skin is very fair and therefore sensitive to the sun, and if the coat is gone there will be nothing to protect it. Just make sure your dog has plenty of shade and lots of water!
  • No, they have a topcoat and an undercoat. That undercoat is there to protect their delicate skin from the sun but the topcoat is their to protect the undercoat. If you shave your dog, you will be taking off all the topcoat and all he'll have left is the undercoat. He could suffer from heat stroke more easily. It is not a good idea to shave or trim a double coated breed.
  • noooooooooooooooo! believe me, when it grows back it'll be nothing like it was before. it'll wreck the coat.
  • By no means should you shave the dog. You endanger them more by doing so. Make sure they have shade or air conditioning available and plenty of water.
  • You actually can have them trimmed up some...on the outer coat. But, your best bet is to GROOM THEM daily. If you are doing it daily you don't have to take forever with the task, because they won't be matted up! It goes quicker! Regular brushing (and on most you can also use a flex/padded metal/wire brush first, then finish with a natural bristle; get a fairly stiff one). This will help remove any loose hair, especially from the downy also increases the dog's circulation which adds both luster and GOOD HEALTH to the skin and coat! Best of have less shedding/mess, no matting, and YOU come off as a wonderful person in your dog's eyes...because you get all the itchy spots in the process!
  • I've shaved my Pyr for 3 years now and every fall the coat comes back beautifully. Even with daily grooming you run the risk of exposing your dog to HEAT STROKE!!! These are cold climate dogs, even Alaska in the summer time is much too hot for these majestic animals. Think of wearing wool long johns and a heavy coat when it's 90+ degrees, not a pretty picture. I'm a veterinary student and in all my research and my perosnal experience, shave your dog especially if it's an outside farm dog. Mine has never sunburned though I do apply sunblock on especially blistering days. Make sure your dogs, of any breed have constant access to shade and large amounts of cool clean water. These aren't just pets, they're members of the family.
  • We had no choice but to have our Pyrnese shaved. I spent most of the spring in the hospital and there was nobody to brush him daily and he matted terrible. We took him to the vet and they put him to sleep and tried to save his undercoat but couldn't. They shaved him up to behind his ears. Now for the bad part. As I write this, my wife and daughter are hauling him back to the vet. By shaving his tail and his rump he's getting a nasty whisker burn on his tail where it contacts his hips. He's so miserable that he can't walk. He's in terrible pain. Every time his tail wags he writhes in pain. It's like a wire brush rubbing his rump and tail. I don't know what they're going to do, but I'm just sick about it. It's our fault that he matted and now he's in misery. So I vote to brush your Pyrenese daily and if he mats, catch them immediately. I love that dog more than life and we really let him down. It'll never happen again. We've contacted a mobile groomer that will come a couple times a week if we're gone again. As a last thought, he doesn't seem any cooler shaved than he did whith his full coat. He never spends any time in the sun. He knows where the shade is as the sun changes. But he still pants like he always did. Hope this helps.

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