• If birds seek the shelter of trees surrounding your home, bird droppings can become a nuisance. Furthermore, if the trees bear fruit, the birds may pluck all the fruit and harm the tree. Fortunately, you have a few options that will not harm white egrets or other birds but will keep them from congregating in your yard.

    Audible Deterrents

    One way to free your trees of birds is to purchase a bird alarm. These alarms can be placed around the tree and emit an ultrasonic signal. The sound frightens away the birds, preventing them from roosting in your trees. The alarms are completely non-invasive as the sound is not audible to humans. Be aware that these alarms can cost hundreds of dollars. A more affordable audible deterrent is a deer scarer made of bamboo that creates a clanking noise. For a deer scarer to work, your yard must have a water source, such as a pond. This method is especially effective for deterring white egrets, which tend to favor areas with water.

    Visual Deterrents

    Placing an object in and around your trees that will deter birds from roosting is a popular option for bird control. Silhouettes of predator birds such as owls or hawks can be placed at the top of the tree or on a visible limb. These decoy birds, however, must be moved often in order to keep the birds from becoming accustomed to their placement. For this reason, hanging balloons, pie tins, CDs or discs with holographic images specifically made for frightening birds can be hung from the trees. The constant movement from the wind will keep the birds away.

    Physical Deterrents

    If you have tried deterring birds from roosting in your trees with audible and visual deterrents without success, you will need to resort to keeping the birds away with a physical deterrent. Placing plastic or nylon netting around the entire tree will prevent birds from roosting. The netting can be found at a hardware store and is easily installed if the tree is of accessible height. Be sure to secure it to the trunk of the tree according to the package directions to prevent it from becoming dislodged. One of the most effective physical deterrents is to keep a dog in your backyard. Because white egrets tend to favor the ground, especially areas with water, preventing them from landing on the ground will make visiting your yard and eventually roosting in your trees undesirable.


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