• Wolverine and Hulk could easily defeat Superman and Wonder Woman providing they had some Green or Gold Kryptonite. Green K can kill him, Gold K can take away his super powers and Red K has an unanticipated effect on him. If no Kryptonite is available I would suggest reading a book called - How to Win Friends and Influence People. lol
  • Note: "old Hulk, old Supes" refers to the pre-1980 versions. *** Well...Hulk's basically unbeatable unless you can rob him of oxygen or suck out his gamma particles...which, I think, neither Supes nor Wondy would be able to do. Well...the OLD Supes could, by tossing Hulk into space in an instant (such throws typically exceeding the speed of light - look back at how many times he threw something into the Sun, it only took a few seconds for the object to reach the Sun), but the more recent Supes couldn't do that. Wolvy's easily beaten - just incinerate him, which Supes could easily do (because Supes is also super-fast - that is: WAY faster than Wolvy, and he has the whole heat ray vision thing). I suppose Supes or Wondy could trick the old, dumb Hulk into following them into space (where Hulk couldn't breathe), but the new, smart Hulk probably wouldn't fall for that.
  • The Hulk would not be able to have enough strength to rip Supermans head off until like the 3rd try. Wonder Woman would smear Wolverine, but he would get a few licks in and the Hulk would backhand her a time while dealing with Sups. Then Wolverine would heal and kick her butt.

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