• Razzmatazz is an onomatopoeic word--it sounds like it means--which is all centered around the "zz." Razzmatazz is the zip in your step, the zing that jump-starts your imagination and the dazzle that makes something great even better.


    The word razzmatazz has been around since 1894. Etymologists' best guess is that it is a variation on the word "jazz" that came into usage at about the same time. Other linguists link razzmatazz to razzle-dazzle, a term people began to use in the 1940s.

    Mis-definitions and others define razzmatazz as "any exciting and complex play intended to confuse (dazzle) the opponent." This definition gives a negative connotation to the spirit of razzmatazz. Rather than having the intention to confuse, the quality of razzmatazz is a positive, awe-inspiring one.


    Razzmatazz is a raspberry-flavored liqueur produced in Holland. There is also a razzmatazz-flavored Schnapps available. A British company manufactures a personal care product line called Razzmatazz. Razmatazz DJ is a portable boom box. These manufacturers believe the word razzmatazz describes their products in a positive and desirable manner.

    Famous Ties

    Razzmatazz is a comic barbershop quartet from the Buckeye state. It is also a music track from the group Pulp. It is color No. 42 from Crayola.

    Fun Fact

    Nestle offers a recipe for Razzmatazz Bars that includes white chocolate morsels, raspberry jam and almonds. Now that's razzmatazz.


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  • All that jazz.

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