• I guess they must have hacked into it's email account and attempted to blackmail it with sensational headlines and a "conspiracy theory", plot. ;-)
  • You can add Tuvalu to the list:
  • As you know, all environmental scientists are heathenistic pagans and polytheists. It therefore stands to reason that they struck a deal with Poseidon.
  • A lot of good psychics out there. +5
  • Oh the ///never mind I got nothing funny. Only more tsunamis, death and destruction.
  • Sea level rises are not uniform globally. Some places show a decline and others an increase, and it varies from year to year. There are also many factors involved with sea level rise, such as uplift/sinking, erosion, gravitational attraction, etc. Sea level on average has been rising, but only slightly, and it's not linked to what AGWers claim it is.
  • We can say and do whatever we want to, it IS happening and it will happen and there isnt much in stopping/changing it. Too much harm already to Mother Earth, dont know if she will be able to get up again...... +
  • Not mentioning it receding again? ;-)
  • they all left their sinks running at the same time.
  • I noticed a key aspects in that video they really rather glossed over. One, these people are living on a river delta. Deltas are notoriously unstable. They tend to sink. Look at New Orleans for example. When that city was founded, the ground on which it sat was not below sea level. Now it is and, NO, it is not that way because of rising sea levels. It is that way because the ground under the city subsided. Even if the flooding in this region is due to global sea level rise, this does not prove that man's activities are causing it.
  • It involved smoke, mirrors, and a bear trap.
  • Meant as additional comment, someone please flag this as nonsense. It's not my answer.
  • Jim - when I tried the original link this morning (10 DEC 2009) it showed other news and ads; but needed a search to locate what you cited: Here is a quote: "She is one of 25 million people under threat in Thailand's vast Chao Phraya river delta, which is sinking because of river damming and the clearing of mangrove forests, as climate change pushes up sea levels." - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Note that river damming is given as one of the causal factors.
  • Sea levels rise and fall. It's been happening for millennia, long before we got here.

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