• Not with Carmelite nuns.
  • honestly yes, i mean it is really annoying when women obsess over the stupidest things.
  • Generally speaking YES +3
  • I think so. I sometimes find myself going on and on, and have to check myself. It's being a bit self-involved maybe. I don't enjoy overly talkative people, whether men or women, so can understand how they feel.
  • I think PEOPLE generally speaking have a problem with overly talkative PEOPLE...
  • Not when the guy doesn't talk. It balances things out.
  • In our household the roles are reversed. The man is the talkative one and the most annoying thing is that they want to talk at the most inappropriate times.
  • No of course not, and why would you ask such a horrible, hurtful, highly gross and icky tramatizing question like that for (said while tape recording a three hour message I'm leaving my husband because I couldn't get a hold of him to tell him I was running to the mall for some new panties for him) yup, I'll proly have to seek thearopy now (said while playing dice against the living room wall and looking bored)
  • Not if they are hot.
  • As a generalisation, yes. Most men love to hear the sound of their own voice & love the conversation to revolve around them. However, as with everything there are always exceptions. Sounds like you need the silent type to balance you out.
  • I dont mind it, as long as they aint a Narcissist and they dont steer the convo all the time towards them then i have no problem with them overly talking. Its hard for me to keep a convo going once ive known u for 3 months so if they can keep it going i really dont mind one bit =D
  • I find anyone who talks too much to be annoying, regardless of sex. On the other hand, people find me annoying, because I don't talk very much, at all.
  • I admit to being intimidated. +5
  • I get annoyed by anybody male or female who talks a lot without saying much. I hate to be misogynistic, but I have encountered this problem with women more often than I have with men. My wife talks a lot but is very insightful and interesting.

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