• 94% of it's budget? I don't think so somehow. That statistic is incorrect
  • Hmm, i'm actually going to take down this post, i'm sorry they spent 94% when George Bush Jr. was President, it probably hasn't changed much. Either way, they spent billions of dollars this year already doing absolutely nothing.
  • Whatever the stats are, this is a statement not a question. Sorry.
  • Good thing we don't spend nearly that much. Of our 3.1 trillion dollar budget in 2009 we spent 1.29 trillion dollars on defense including Iran and Iraq wars.
  • Have no idea where you got the 94% figure but yes many more than you have argued for years we spend too much. +5
  • I sure hope that you don't live in the U.S.
  • Ya, I don't think you live in the US, if you did you would notice we have one of the strongest military forces in the entire world, albeit some things do need to be improved and money spent elsewhere, it isn't a complete waste or aimless by any means. That, and you can't be mad at the military for a crappy president. So one guy is stupid, wtf does that have to do with "americans" and their military really? And you are making a generalized statement stating that an entire race is proud of their military, which just isn't true anyways.
  • I agree that defense funding is way too high compared with domestic spending.What is broken is the economy,so budget cutbacks are needed in all department including the military,and this money spent of stimulating the economy.Priorities of the citizens are jobs,health care,and other vital issues to get the country on a good financial footing.
  • Only a completely clueless person would make this statement as it is grossly inflated. As a matter of fact, defense is one of the few legitimate functions of the government. PS That isn't the "governments money" that is taxpayer money..mine and every other American's.
  • To suggest that any country spends 94% of its budget on any one thing is a bit ludicrous.
  • You may be confusing government decisions vs being proud of our military. Why I am proud of our men and woman in the military. Because they put their lives on the line for us so that we have our freedom. They leave their families behind to go overseas to try and improve their lives (not because thats what THEY decided to do, but because they are being ordered to do it)and way too many never return home. They are brave soldiers who do this for us, my hat off to all of them because I know I couldn't do it myself. God Bless our Military
  • I agree that we spend way too much money on the military, but I wonder where you got the 94% from. I heard that it was 45% of the world's expenditure on military.
  • You are obviously anti-American. You people should be proud of all the men and women who have served and lost their lives for something THEY believe in. Nobody forces anyone anymore to enter the Armed services, it is all choice, they make our freedom possible....People like you are ungrateful little pukes.......Yeah it is a big chunk O' change, but well worth the freedom.............
  • The percentage you stated is incorrect. But, in answer to why we are proud of the military. As am American, I am honored that military personnel volunteer to do what they do. I am proud of these people that choose to quell threats to our land and its citizens. Words can not express how grateful I am to those who put their lives on the line or have given their lives in the past so I don't have to speak German or recently so I don't have to grow a beard and kneel in prayer every day and my wife doesn't have to wear a burqua. Say what you will but unless your an American you will never understand how it feels to be kept free and safe by a little piece of paper and by the bravery of those that take the oath to defend it.
  • First, this is not a question. Second, I'm an American and am abhored by the government,(I use the word 'the' and NOT 'our' government because this is no longer,if it ever was, a government of, for and by the people,)esp. Obama completely rolling over for the Generals,(I hope they at least bought him dinner before screwing him)! I am a Christian Mystic,(as opposed to the millions of Christian hypocrites in this country),who believes that spending 2 cents on defence is still too much! The silver lining in this cloud of deception perpetrated by the U.S.,(and every other governmnet in the world, without exception by the way), is the comfort I can take in the historical FACT that every ruling power since the dawn of time has spent a huge portion of resources to stay on top once they got there, which, not so ironically, but logically precipitates the very downfall that they strive to avoid. So I say, spend all you want on defence, and rejoice in the crashing of the Tower of Babylon when its inevitablity occurs. Come on Tribal Law! At least everyone will have an equal chance instead of being controlled like a bunch of mindless sheep who don't care HOW the Government Machine keeps the heat on, food on the table, and gas in the car, and the Big Bad Terrorists at bay,(whoever the hell they are, I say it's the Governments themselves--Worldwide)! Oh, and commentors can spare me their defending democracy bullsh*t right now. Governments always have, and always will use words like "Democracy", "Freedom", and "Equality" to enslave the people, not to free them. That's the Last thing your Master wants!
  • "WEST POINT is the ENEMY CAMP" Your statement suggests the Government is dumb not the military. Last week msNBC trumpeted that West Point "are the enemy camp". Just because a few of the military fell asleep during the Presidents speech. Who could blame them - apart from msNBC? NBC, owned by GE, who supplied Iran and supported Obama, kick the President when he's down:
  • I think your figures are inaccurate,, we spend 94% of our budget on Porn !!

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