• Definitely, I dont think you can feel a tackle playing football on the computer. :-)
  • Yes, it's a lot more fun to play outside with friends then to stay in all day :)
  • Well it's good .. but ya gotta go out and cut the grass sometimes of the neighbors will talk.
  • I'll assume you're joking, but if you aren't.....yes it is worth it to go outside.
  • Yes - some computers have quite a long battery life, and you can take them outside with you.
  • For me it's not, I live in a city. I'm looking to move to a rural area where it is worth going outside. It's nice to go for a hike in an area with clean air, water and observable wildlife. I'll not be on a computer as much when I have more interesting things to do.
  • there is no alternative of playing outside but sadly most of young people don't as they are hooked on the games on their PCs
  • I get pretty attached to my computer too, but it is unhealthy to sit at a computer all, you need to go out to some fresh air too. Don't let your computer take away your outdoors!

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