• I've had several people tell me I have, especially during high school. I didn't though. I just made them realize life is worth living. THEY were the ones who decided to live it. +5
  • Nope, I have never saved a life +5
  • Not physically but I made someone realize that they are perfect the way they are and that many people love them dearly. It made him change his mind about considering himself pathetic and killing himself.
  • Yes. I talked my friend out of killing himself, and I once pulled my drowning sister out of a pool.
  • Nope but i did render aid numerous times to some very bad situations, whether I saved a life I really don't know.
  • About 5 Years ago in Southern Utah, I came upon an accident, a teen was hanging upside down by his seat belt and bleeding from internal injuries after a head-on he needed to be cut out of his belts or he would have drown in his own blood. Every one was afraid to help, (Damn attorneys and there Lawsuits) I cut his seat belt and he fell, coughed up the blood, cleared his airway, and he and his family later thanked me from the hospital and later from his home. An emotional memory, even to this day.
  • kiss me I'm a heroine
  • I talked my Sister In Law into seeing a top female Surgeon in our area. she survived Breast Cancer.
  • I haven't personally saved anyone's life. But once I rescued a drowning boy and I have taken several people to hospital when critically ill and they have survived. But these acts are part of life and not life saving missions.
  • I received a call to check on a man in his underwear at a Mapco store. caller said he was intoxicated and was about to leave the store and attempt to drive his automobile. I was close and stopped this man as he was backing out of the parking lot. i attempted to give him a field sobriety test for d.u.i.. halfway between the test, this man collapsed into my arms. i laid him down on the pavement. He had stopped breathing. I called for an ambulance and began CPR. he was not responding. i knew the 2-minute rule was in effect, but he was not responding at all. Finally, in a last ditch efforct, i remembered that the human mind controls the body. I then slapped this man three times in the face and yelled at him to wake up and breathe!! All of a sudden i heard him take a deep breath and he came back to life.
  • Yes. By disposing of a burning WP shell. +5
  • No. I wish I could so that I could put it on my med school application
  • Yes. I grabbed a kid's hand, as he was sliding down a gravelly slope toward a cliff over Crater Lake in Oregon. Luckily he was about half my size, so I had no problem pulling him up and onto his feet.
  • Talked a few people down from doing some regrettable things. Killed a Eastern Diamond Back that was about to bite my brother. I don't know if these were life savings actions but you never know.
  • yes i have. When me and my sister were younger, we use to goto this brigde when it would flood and the canal is next to it. she had fallen in (now remeber it was flooded,like above our knees) and she was getting pulled with the current so i jumped in with a stick and pulled her out!
  • Once i was driving home late from work and i saw a terrible accident. a couple drove into a building. (they were obivously tipsy on somehting) i pulled over. the female was already out of the car but the guy who was driving was wedged between the wheel and his chair and screaming in agony. i did everything i could have to get him out of there but i just couldnt. i talked him thro til the cops and abulances got there. its weird as soon as i saw the lights, i left. i dont know why i did that. now i hoently dont think i saved his life, but i like to think i helped him in a near death experiance. and i read in the paper that he was injured but ok.

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