• I was with mom, and in the store she was picking things up. Once we left I gave her a small present I had picked (I didn't know it was considered stealing. She brought me back to the store to give it back. Then once we got home she told me to take my shoes off, and walked me to church where I had to make a confession. I never stole a thing since.
  • When I was around 9 Y.O. I stole a little rubber frog (it was about 1/2 inch long). I kept it hidden until one day I forgot and left it out. I had it about two weeks. My Mom drove me into town and to the Kress's 5 & 10 store. She asked for the manager, When he appeared I gave him the little frog and apologized for stealing it.. He accepted my apology and said I could keep it. Mother said, "No" I could not keep it. That happened 70 years ago but I have never forgotten.
  • I doubt it.
  • Yes, when I was a toddler. I loved "Chiclets" chewing gum and I snatched a pack at the checkout counter, while accompanying my grandmother getting groceries. You've probably already guessed (and rightly so) what happened next. Yes, she marched me right back to the store and made me surrender the two pieces of gum that were left in the packet. Another half mile and there wouldn't even have been any left, but that wouldn't have mattered to my dear grandmother. I really miss her.
  • Yes I was trying to steal a comic book. i get caught right away. It was pretty embarrassing. But nothing serious happened.
  • When I was very young I tried to steal a piece of bubble gum. My dad chewed me out and made me hand it to the checker. That was a time I could have crawled under where ever.
  • no, ive never stolen, not even as a kid

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