• Every time I take a cab.
  • Yes, I did a lot of hitchhiking back in the day.
  • I was on Randolph street Chicago. It was a very freezing day, I was looking for an address. No cab, and public transports. I took a rest in front of a pizza place. The delivery guy who was about to deliver the order offered me a ride, cos my destination was very close to his. I was too tired and desperated.He was a nice guy. Thanks God.
  • and a friend hitch hiked accross Yellowstone Park.
  • yes. very very dumb thing to do. used to grab rides wit random guys when we wanted to club hop (me & my 2 gfs) - it was soo easy , guys see attractive young females n they will do jus about anythn if they think that gets them a chance wit them. we were usually pretty tispy tho and we'd wake up the next day always sayn how dumb we are n that we could hav been murdered etc. we stopped doing it after one nite a guy who we got to drive us to another club wouldnt let us out unless we either flashed him our tits or paid him $20 each! wtf?? it was so scary, one of my gfs started crying. then me and my other gf took of a stilleto each (very sharp pointed heel) and told him we'd stab him with them if he didnt let us out! he very quickly unlocked the doors... scary
  • Nope. But my mom did and 9 months later I was born. :)
  • Hell friend used to always try to get me to do that....I was like you go get raped and mutilated...I'll walk. . All that reading about serial killers paid off I guess
  • Yes. She kicked me out eventually.
  • Yes. During the '70s we used to hitchhike around the area we lived in quite often!
  • Yes, A lady picked me up when I was hitch hiking many years ago.
  • Yes, I was twelve and stupid. It turned out alright but I knew better and I was fortunate that it wasn't the worst case scenario. It was in San Francisco and I was in between bus schedules (lay-over).
  • Yes Lots of "hitch hiking" ( just learned a new word there lol ) I left the city with my friend like that we met some really weird people and all but made it alive.. was risky but still fun.
  • Sure I have hitched rides many times,back in my school days.
  • yes. i was out in a big city for a mate's birthday and walked from the party at her house to pizza place (just round the corner)and a guy who got his pizza at the same time as me offered me a lift back, i told him it was only JUST round the corner so no thankyou (the lady doth protest) but he insisted and had a VERY VERY nice car, probably the nicest car i've been in, so i agreed. Nothing happened except i didn't have to walk back and i got a lift in a V V nice car. Shouldn't have done it, don't even think i had my phone on me :S
  • No I haven't. +5 Sexyrabbit
  • Many Times. I do not know many cabdrivers. When I was a student we hitched all over the place many different Countries and Continents so yes many times. but never alone, except in Cabs.
  • Yes, hitchhiking, and taxis.
  • mostly cabs, but yes, i've gotten in the car with random people at parties and bars and such.
  • Lots of times, only last month I jumped into a truck ,it was easier to take the guy where he wanted to go than to tell him,besides he was going my way..
  • Yes and never did it again, the driver was a freak.++
  • No and never will, I watch to many crime shows LOL
  • Back in the 50s and 60s while in the Navy and University I hitch-hiked many times. When I was in University I had the side of my suitcase painted with, (name of univeristy) STUDENT GOING TO __________. I had attachable city names on cardboard I put in the blank. I had several people say that is why they stopped for me.

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