• I rely on ratings to show how someone will behave - reliability --> dead on
  • Very few people care about whether they recieve points, but many care very much about some a$$hole who takes them away, which is a very normal response. As for how realistic it is to believe everyone, it isn't. But it doesn't do me any favors to assume everyone who answers is a liar, either. Time will separate the liars from the honest. +5
  • The higher up I get, the less and less I care. I'm just around now to talk to my sister and other friends.
  • I realize that the points here have very little purpose. Some people like to use them to decide whether or not a user is a good person (i.e. looking at ratings given), but I am not nearly that shallow. I thought it was decided over a year ago that points were not a good way of telling if someone was good or bad, but I guess I was mistaken. And, honestly, I don't think half the people who say they don't care about points at all are honest about it. Now, personally, I do care about points, at least a little bit. I don't really care about receiving them or raising my level/rank though. I stopped caring about that after I reached level 60, because it takes so long to level up by then that there isn't enough satisfaction involved in worrying about it. No, what I care about is the other people who do care about that stuff. I find those people very interesting, particularly the ones who I already mentioned, the ones who judge people by their ratings given. I also like how so many people claim to not care about points, yet it seems to be all anyone talks about anymore. Complaining about "trolls," in particular, is something that a lot of people do (trolls in this case meaning anyone who downrates anything ever for any reason). It's fascinating to me how something so meaningless as Answerbag points can be so emotionally scarring.
  • I've said it once, and I'll say it again. Points are NOT the only reason I'm here. I like asking any question I come up with, getting responses, and answering any I think I can to help or make people laugh. I'm here because I like AB, and the way it works, points or not. Do the points mean anything? Sure. But they're GRAVY on the fun and comments I get here... TASTY gravy, but gravy, none-the-less. I LIKE them, but again, check my answers. There are probably thousands without points. Does that bother me? ONLY that in the majority of THOSE, I didn't get any comments on my answer, either, so I have no idea if the answer was good, helped, or made anyone laugh. Oh, and I could care less about whether you believe me or not. OTHERS who will read this answer and know me will KNOW, though. Oh, yeah... And I don't like DRs, because they are used to hurt others, emotionally, and probably to screw up the ratings on the question, the answer, and the leaderboards.
    • TBO
      I guess you're no longer here?
  • Three quarters of what people talk about on this site are points, so people must care lots. I suppose because they are a way, albeit slightly half assed, to know how others feel about you, especially since that's really what this is about rather than informative answers for the most part, people can feel bad or good depending on how seriously they take it. Points are disappointing mainly because there are SO many weird reasons why they may be added or taken away, but you never really know why, although I'm guessing half the time it's really not important at all- So even if I did care, it becomes monotonous by now. Comments are better, and much easier a way to know what impact your answer has, which if this place is going from informative to social, then that should prolly be an important factor. But yeah, I guess it ain't called commentbag.
  • There are definitely people that do care about the points. I personally don't because I come on here to chat with people, exchange ideas, etc. I actually enjoy the conversations in the comment threads more than anything.
  • i actually love the points system. it makes me happy when i see an answer that i think is really good and i can reward it with the most points i have to give.
  • If there was some way to keep track of how long you have been on ab and how many points you have, I would probably be last. I like coming on now and again, see what people are saying, and maybe add a little myself. I am amazed at how fast some people get points and move up whatever ladder it is that they move up. Give me points or don't give me points, just give a good answer to a good question.
  • No. I much prefer the old percentage system. It encouraged good questions and answers and was a level playing field. No "royalty". +5
  • I'm really "meh" about the whole thing. I'll say, it was damned hard to Badgicide my 3-year-old account and hop over to this new one. I had over 25,000 answers racked up! But, hey, things need to be done. Points are points. It's all arbitrary.
  • i dont give a rats bottom bout the points although when i do get downrated i would like to know why !!
  • I understand the reason for the point system. It is a measure of what the community believes to be the best answer. However it appears to have turned into a popularity contest and the points are awarded to "Point up" friends and not used or pointing up the best answers. It is the Moderation points I strongly disagree with, I do not see any reason for them. I see "Moderation" being used to flag and remove questions in which a particular moderator may simply disagree with. It encourages flagging for any reason. Sometimes I may want to know how people feel about an issue. Even though I am sure the question has been asked. I got flagged for "What is your favorite architectural style: it was rejected as duplicate. I am sure it would have recieved new answers from those on my friends list who may never have seen the original question. Funny thing is I just saw the same question asked anew this week. I didn't flag it....
  • Incidentally, sure i Do
  • How can ANYTHING. . . . . . that really means NOTHING. . . . . . . mean A-N-Y-T-H-I-N-G?????????
  • We get POINTS??!!!???
  • More people than care to admit want points given. It's like living life without a calender. You want some record of being on here.
  • Some people here think that's what it's all about. How many points they had, who has their name on the Leaderboard. I call that a self-esteem problem.

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