• I'm not so sure but this kind of match isn't so good.Usually gemini are jealus everything and everyone.
    • Glambarber
      No, they are not.
  • Yes i think gemini and aquarius are great match. How do i know? Well I am engaged to a gemini man. We are great together and happily in love from the time we met until now. So really until you been in a relationship that are aquarius and gemini. You have no idea what it is like.
    • Urban Spaceman
      Excellent answer.
    • Linda Joy
      Yeah? What about now?
  • im a aquarius female and my boyfriend is a gemini male we get along perfectly like best friends and very much in love its been 6 years and we still feel the same since the first days so i think aquarius and gemini is a perfect match ;) :):):):)
  • Gemini women do not have too many personalities. We are adaptors. We can get a long with anyone, perhaps the gemini women you know just dont like you.
    • Moodswings
      Geminis of both genders have two personalities each.
  • well u guys im also an aguarius girl and my boyfriend is a gemini man. we've been going about for about 2 years now!! We're like the best of friends and hangout everyday praticaly. .well yea it's been the BEST because ive done alot of research and it's says they are both compatible air signs that excel greatly in communication.. jus some problems with the gemini man listening all th time kuz he gets distracted easy.. but in my opinion gemini is the perfect match for aquarius! :P hope it helped!! x0xo
  • no the Gemini guys are always fond of gals, and even after marriage they are not truthful to their wives. so don't trust them. because i've married a gemini signed men that to love marriage. within 1 month oh ma married life, I've come to know that he is loving another gal and he told her that he is not married. and he was abt to divorce me. after a big fight for 5 months he came back to me n v wer happy for one yr. again he started telling gals that he is not married and started flirting.. so gals be careful in selecting guys. Better u can marry a guy decided by ur parents.. that's good. Note: I'm still with him. but i dont know he is truthfull to me r not. and v have 10 months old baby. Ammu India
  • 5 years together through prison addiction clean relapse clean kids death prgnant
  • I'm an Aquarius female, I've dated 2 Gemini men. Both relationships were long term. The first was a best friend who always treated me well, I broke up with him because I was young and inexperienced and thought somehow I was missing out on something. The second is my current bf, our relationship has a lot of ups and downs. He definitely has twin personalities and the attention span of a mayfly. He's nearly impossible to read. At first we started out close to best friends but we've faded over time. I think things would be a lot better if it wasn't for his addictions and suspected bipolar disorder though. So over all I would still recommend this combination.
  • Excellent match...
  • Yes, because they are both in the Air element.
  • Yes, they are, although as a Pisces myself there aren't many of either in my social circle.
  • If you need a horrorscope to tell you someone is right for you, you definitely don't love them enough to make it a happy union.
    • Nosmo King
      Only a troll would say that.
    • Linda Joy
      Only a troll would call me a troll.
    • Nosmo King
      Only a troll would call it a "horrorscope", you know that's what I was referring to. Isn't it odd how trolls don't believe in horoscopes and anti-trolls do?
    • Linda Joy
      So... did you consult the stars before planning the birth of your child(ren)?
    • Linda Joy
      Its really not just about the horrorscope either. Though I don't believe in them. The point is two people should be should be so head over heals in love no one and nothing can talk them out of it before they decide to get married. Otherwise they really don't love each other enough to make it. Marriage is difficult!
    • Nosmo King
      "So... did you consult the stars before planning the birth of your child(ren)?" Me? What children? Will you please stop posting fake info about other users? I'm sure it's against the TOS. There is no such phrase as "head over heals". How do you expect people to take you seriously when you post nonsense like that? As for couples born under conflicting signs (e.g. Pisces and Aquarius), how are they going to fall head over cures in love when everything one of them enjoys, the other destroys? Do you think that would make marriage less difficult than it already is?
    • Linda Joy
      lol all I did was disagree with you. How did that twist your knickers so badly you screamed? lol And how can anyone take you seriously when you've never heard the phrase head over heels? "Completely, thoroughly, as in They fell head over heels in love. This expression originated in the 1300s as heels over head and meant literally being upside down. It took its present form in the 1700s and its present meaning in the 1800s." Why would you say shit that makes you look so stupid? Why wouldn't you google it first so you don't look like an idiot? lol AB is a comedy skit tonight! Thanks! I needed the laugh!!
    • Nosmo King
      All you did was disagree with me? You are posting false information about me. "So... did you consult the stars before planning the birth of your child(ren)?". I HAVEN'T GOT ANY CHILDREN! Then you ask "you've never heard the phrase head over heels?". I didn't say I'd never heard the phrase "head over heels", I said there was no such phrase as "head over HEALS". In other words, YOU USED THE WRONG WORD AND YOU ARE TRYING TO BLAME ME FOR THAT! Sheesh, what a troll you are!
    • Linda Joy
      I didn't say you had children. And there is still time to consult the stars before your children are born. Even if it never happens. And there is something wrong in your head if you're gonna freak out over a typo! But then you're a grammar nazi too aren't you? Bet you don't have to consult the stars to know I don't give a flip what you think of me.
  • Yes, so are Aquarius men and Gemini women. The gender doesn't make any difference in a combination like that.
    • Linda Joy
      Horrorscopes are a pile of shit only a troll would believe. lol
  • I don't see why not.
  • I think so, yes.
  • Why would you place any value on Astrology? How can the time of a persons birth affect the out come of their life?
  • No. If you're going to rely on a stupid hororscope none of your relationships are going to work.
    • Urban Spaceman
      There is nothing stupid about horoscopes. Two signs of the same element (such as Gemini and Aquarius) should have no problem understanding each other. What is stupid about that?

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