• Tampons break hymen. Use pads.
  • She probably will be uncomfortable about it. You might start by asking her if her school showed a video or had a lecture about it for the girls. Usually they have some info from those sessions. Then maybe just ask what else she wants to know about and let that be your guide.
  • I'd start by asking her if she has any questions. I'd ask her to tell me what she knows. Then I would correct any misconceptions (pun intended). I would discuss the merits and downsides to the different forms of sanitary protection. I would get into a basic "reproductive" facts discussion, since she is now capable of pregnancy. Don't skip the obvious. Some girls think some pretty wild things like: You can only get pregnant on your period. Or that pulling out can prevent pregnancy. Talk about forms of birth control. Then I would congratulate her on her new maturity and invite her to go do something "womanly" like a manicure and pedicure to welcome her to the ranks of women.
  • When my wife had her period shortly after we were married I was annoyed with the space maxi pads took up compared to tampons. (Our house was very small and space was highly valued.) Anyway she told me that only non-virgins used tampons. I reminded her, she was a non-virgin, she switched to tampons and a month later switch back to pads and stated that I was the only thing going up there. My lesson is don't force on her what you think is best for her give her options.
  • talk with brother first about what to include and maybe how he'd prefer things be discussed. does he have any special religious beliefs regarding birth control, pregnancy, or abortion?
  • Why is this being left to you - where is her mother? At 13 she probably knows a lot already - but I would start by telling her (reassuringly) that this is going to be embarrassing for both of you; but you want to make sure she knows all she needs and wants to know and want to help her out. I wouldn't recommend tampons to a girl of 13 - apart from the obvious breaking her hymen and possibly causing even more discomfort there are the issues about changing them regularly to avoid toxic shock syndrome. The only possible reason she could have at her age for wearing tampons is to be able to go swimming whilst on her period. Tell her about sex and contraception while you are there - make sure she knows that she shouldn't do anything she is uncomfortable with and that she can get pregnant even if he pulls out etc... It's a big responsibility - good luck!
  • You should let women deal with female problems harry.Unless he is a single father and the mother is in jail or passed away then we have to step in and do the best we can.If you do know how and the ladys don't tie you to a pole then go ahead it's just that everytime we try to help females with periods world war 3 gets started.
  • she probably knows how to do all that if she started yesterday

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