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  • The problem here is that your boyfriend is a "porn addict". First sign is that he's not having sex with you and prefers watching porn. You do know that's not normal, right? I can promise you that it's not going to get any better because he's in denial that he even has a "problem". All addicts do that. What you really have the right to do is to leave and find a boyfriend that wants to have sex with a real woman and not pornobabe. You deserve better. Do you know that? And every minute that you stay and plead with this guy or argue with him your life is wasting away. Tell me, is that what you can honestly say you want?
  • He may be addicted to porn and he may need help. Porn is okay if you both know about it but if he prefers it over you then it's time for you to find someone who you excite in more then just a sexual manner. Do it to him sometime, if he wants to be with you say its okay I took care of myself already. The porn could lead him to want to try all kinds of weird stuff and you may be the one who get's hurt in the process. I hope it works out but if not I am sure you can do much better.

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