• it sure would make a ruckus in the oven otherwise
  • You mean you have to kill the Turkey first before plucking it? And pluck it? I wondered why my meat always tasted of pillows. Thanks Icy. +6
  • I can't believe someone would kill and pluck it.
  • You'd be surprised! About 15yrs. ago my sister had Thanksgiving dinner at her house for her new in-laws. After cooking the bird her husband asked about the stuffing. She replied that it was "In the bird already". Yep, She thought the giblet bag was the turkey stuffing. True story.
  • Must be a really old recipe book...
  • This question reminded me of hearing on the radio a few years back an interview with a Butterball help line operator who told some of the most amazing dumb a$$ stories. An article in US today highlighted this and is one reason they even tell you to light the stove in their recipes... "Just keep in mind that if you don't slice the frozen bird with a chain saw, stomp on it to make it fit in a pan or lose it while storing it in a snowdrift, you'll already be doing better than some other Americans."
  • what happened to buying your turkey? i'm sure the grocery stores aren't going to sell you a live turkey.
  • LMAO!! Before I met my husband, I used to work on my own car (simple stuff). I had a Haynes manual that I would use. It would start out with "Open hood on car". That cracked me up too.
  • Lol! PREPARATION: 1) Go to the supermarket and take money with you - enough to buy the products for this recipe, OR just go and rob the supermarket 2) Return home 3) Start preparing the food according to the recipe IMPORTANT NOTE: If you've robbed the supermarket and police come tell them to wait with the arest until you finish cooking and if they refuse to wait knock them down until you finish cooking, then thank me for the wonderful recipe and your next few years in jail! Have a nice day! :D P.S. Don't forget to recommend my cooking book in jail! RECIPE: ...
  • You would never believe until there's a lawsuit.
  • C'mon. In the day and age where McDonald's has to put a warning on it's hot coffee that it's hot.... You're suprised?
  • And you're surprised because why? In an age where people HAVE to say that birth control products don't prevent STD's to avoid being sued, why would recipe people NOT cover their own asses? Otherwise, some idiot would want to be financially compensated for torturing a turkey and cooking it alive. That's the society in which we live.
  • Maybe the turkeys are being flown in from China? [Why not, everything else is.] Something lost (or in this case, gained) in the translation. More than you need to know, LOL!
  • How about when the directions say remove plastic from pizza before cooking?????????????????????
  • Probably more so than back in the day... This is why McDonalds has to have a warning printed on their coffee cups...HOT!!! Yes, there are some dumbass people out there!
  • G'mornin, hon! Yes, manufacturers are very wary of the idiots among us, having been sued for virtually everything you can imagine. That's why instuctions for microwavable food always say, "remove from package."
  • I'm laughing because in this day and time, how many know how to kill and pluck a turkey anyway?
  • When I cook chicken on a camp out, I leave the feathers on. I cover the whole thing with a nice thick layer of mud and put in in the fire. When it's done baking, the feathers come off with the mud. Oh, the mud is used to regulate temperature, and the feathers separate the meat from the mud.
  • I have a couple comments on this. First, no one should eat meat without at least once killing, cleaning and cooking it. It is essential to appreciate what you are eating. Modern processed turkeys sometimes have pin feathers that must be plucked as well. As far as being clueless...yes some people are that clueless. I worked in a pharmacy for many years. Our labels for suppositories once said, "Insert 1(one) every 12(twelve) hours until gone." We had to change that when not just one but multiple patients failed to remove the foil wrapping around the suppository to read, "UNWRAP and then insert 1(one) every 12(twelve) hours until gone."
  • That's why computer troubleshooting manuals always start with "Make sure it's plugged in". You'd be surprised how many people go "Oh... right" when they read that. :)
  • you are so funny! you never know they might think it is a lobster.
  • No, that is stupid.
  • believe me, those directions are needed. seeing some of the stupid things people have done, i can just imagine some poor live turkey getting handful after handful of stuffing shoved... never underestimate the stupidity of the common man.

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