• This question is impossible to answer. If you mean do non-human species know they are being rude, I don't see how they could. "Rude" is a human construct only meaningful to other humans. An animal who passes gas you might think is being rude because certainly it is rude when other humans do it. But does the animal "think" what just happened was anything other than ordinary? Does the animal "think" at all? :)
  • From what I have seen of the behavior of male animals when it comes to mating rights, I would say animals are certainly capable of being ruder than humans, by our own definition.
  • when i was younger i went to london zoo and the monkey`s was throwing there own crap at the crowd is this concidered an animal being rude to human ?
  • Yes,that why people have to call "The Dog Whisperer" to work out animal problems.
  • Animals don't get insulted by each other.
  • This is just one way in which we have grown out of nature, for better or worse.
  • Human beings don't blush because of rudeness they blush because of shame, embarrassment and discomfort. They feel those emotions because society conditions them to feel them.
  • Animals are quite capable of rudeness, by human standards or by their own. This may apply only to domesticated critters, or to ones who are accustomed to interacting with humans. I've seen apes and monkeys in zoos pee on people and point fingers and do what I can only call laughing. . Some animals can get very insulted and react accordingly. I look after two Tennessee Walking horses, and one insults the other quite frequently. Cimmaron goes in Champ's stall and licks the feed trough, then goes outside and literally sticks out his tongue at Champ, who then butts and tries to bite him. Whomever I feed first, or pat first, looks at the other and shakes his head, and the other then turns his back and refuses to look at me. When my cat's in my lap, she purrs; but when the dog enters the room, the cat jumps down and leaves the room. And she won't let me touch her for the rest of the day.
  • pigeons poop on people skunks pee on them bugs bite them bears steal their food . mother nature is gangsta +5
  • Hmm...well that's hard to say, unless we were in the mind of an animal...they push each other, climb over one another, might take food from another's mouth, mark their territory being by being dicks to all the other animals in the surrounding area, and plenty of male animals like moose will fight for a female, but I'm thinking it's their instinct, and that the other animal which might be subjected to said "rudeness" probbaly isn't "insulted" by it. But I guess you never know right? We know animals communicate with one another in various ways, but we don't know what it's like, so maybe. I'd have to say no, initially, but put that on hold.
  • Being torn apart by other wild animals is something I would consider to be "rude".
  • Herd animals in particular have a set of rules that govern their interactions. If a member of the herd transgresses,it will be punished, driven away by a higher ranking animal. Young horses approach their superiors in the herd by making lipsmacking gestures. If they neglect to do this, they risk a bite or kick. Their own mothers impose discipline too if rules are broken. If a low ranking animal fails to give way to higher rank, they are likewise punished. Is this rudeness? It would be by our standards.+5
  • I once has a dog who was more intelligent than a lot of people I know. If he thought someone was boring or he otherwise wanted to get rid of him, he'd go over and pee on person's feet. It usually worked. i think he knew it was rude.
  • Some attempt to ascribe human traits to humans and while I believe that many crave and flourish human companinship and react to it I do not believe they are rude towards other -they may react as if jealous and attempt to regain the humans favour but I don't think it is done out of malice towards other animals. My vote is no, although I would not argue the point. +5
  • I'd say throwing feces is pretty rude.
    • Rick Myres
      Did you visit the primate area again?
    • Linda Joy
      (Smiling) not lately, but I know they're prone to eating faces. That's kind of rude too!

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