• The boss is ticked that the changes were not made and questions the employee's intelligence and eyesight. The employee counters that any changes should have been verbally given to give the employee a chance to make sure the changes are understood, and also follow up the new instructions with an email. The employee did not look for the note and not likely to have seen it amongst the other desk clutter Who is more correct?
  • The boss is at-fault. For something this important, a note will not suffice. only a direct order, in person, is sufficient. This is like your boss calling your cellphone and leaving an important message. your boss did not know your cellphone was inoperative, since you dropped it in the commode. You cannot be held responsible for something you do or did not know. Only an in-person communication, if the news is that important.
  • The employer is definitely wrong. You don't leave notes to give orders. Bad employer.
  • Boss's fault for not officially tasking the employee.
  • Definitely the boss. You never assume that someone received communication unless they verified the fact. It's the bosses responsibility to make sure communication is received.
  • A message unconfirmed is a message undelivered. Bad boss.
  • I would have to say the boss. If the boss decides to put a note on the employees desk, they cannot expect the employee to see it right away. So the boss should call the employee and let them know, so it is made sure the employee got the message.
  • Its the supervisor for not following up with the employee. As a manager myself, if I want a procedural change, I will discuss it with the employee and then follow up with an email (so its in writing).
  • The boss is at fault. A note on a bunch of other paper is sure to be missed and if this is important, should have been followed up anyway. This is how a boss is supposed to convey the importance of a task.
  • It's always the sender's responsibility to make sure the message is received.

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