• My favourite is that there must be a 'missing link'. They seem to think that buried somewhere out there should be a perfect half-ape / half-human creature, & that the failure to find it proves it's wrong.
  • That species are produced by pure random chance, not massive selection. That there is some magic line which separates species, families etc. by which you can always drop an individual into one species or another. That the earth is not old enough for evolution to have taken place
  • We come from apes.
  • That the phrase "survival of the fittest" came from Darwin.
  • Evolution claims that life just sprang up from rocks. - If evolution was true, we would see crocoducks. - Evolution is not happening today. - Humans evolved from monkeys. - If humans evolved from monkeys, why are there still monkeys. - Bananas are the perfect shape for the human hand, therefore, evoluion is false. - Just a few that popped into my head. Thanks!
  • Mutations are always harmful.
  • They think the word "theory" means a guess as in what is your theory of how something happened. They do not know the difference between Philosophical theory and Scientific theory. They think that because it is the "theory" of evolution it is not based on empirical data, which of course it is.
  • I can't pick my favorite, so here's my top two: 1. Man evolved from monkeys. No matter what you or anyone else says ever, the theory of evolution claims that man evolved from monkeys. 2. That the word "theory" refers to a random guess or an urban legend, like Bigfoot or UFO's.
  • The biggest one I can think of is that plenty of people seem to think that as evolution goes by, we're supposed to get "upgraded". Evolution is about adaptation, not x ray vision or increased speed. What is this, some kinda role playing game? The only thing that evolves is our prowess at adaptation when faced with cultural and environmental changes. That may be in context with the theory of selection that comes with it though, and so the misconception could be understood.
  • That man ascended from apes. The theory actually states we have common ancestors.
  • All genetic mutations involve a loss of "information". Evolution causes moral decay (ewww, is that some evolution you have on your mind? Clean it off before it rots...) Evolution includes the building of stars and planets (like, DUH!!)
  • 1. Evolution is "just a theory." 2. Evolution says we evolved from the monkeys. 3. Evolution cannot account for "complexity" and "design" apparent in life. 4. Evolution means that we just happened by chance (like assembling a Boeing 747 by chance when a tornado blows through a junkyard, or however that goes). 5. Evolution means improving a species toward some goal, as if the process had some foresight. 6. Evolution is controversial, and scientists do not agree about its validity. 7. Evolution cannot be tested, so it is not scientific. 8. Evolution has something to say about theology. 9. Belief in evolution requires faith akin to that required by religion. 10. Evolution implies the tenets of Social Darwinism.
  • Monkeys don't give birth to humans, thus, evolution is false.
  • Man evolved from monkeys. Which is often followed by the question of "Why are there still apes if we evolved from apes? Huh? HUH?"
  • That we have stopped evolving. Although with all the near neandertals still invading this planet, we are evloving spritually and those who fall by the wayside are those that can't keep up.
  • it had to happen the way scientists say, could have 9 9nd here. The crystal ball told all. Space ball worked for myans and they only work on bubble blaster games. But, scientists havn't cured anything in 40 years.

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