• I love to do this!! I've gone to doing it on the computer and then I don't have the mess all over the table but after the holidays are over, I'll get another one out on the table and play with it. They're so much fun. Hard on my neck though. +5
  • No, I would be more stressed becuase I am not good at puzzles. Laying on bed is my best bet when I'm stressed.
  • I love doing puzzles, but I do prefer larger ones and they have to be beautiful pictures, too.
  • I've always wanted to try my hand at a Ravensburger puzzle. Currently, they have puzzles that go up to 18,000 pieces, and if I remember correctly they've had some in the past with over 20,000 pieces. These are about 6 feet by 9 feet or so in size. But I DO have a jigsaw puzzle program on my computer. It will take any jpg or gif picture you have and make a jigsaw puzzle out of it. You can choose how many pieces you want, the style of the pieces, and more. It's called "Brainsbreaker". It's at The program is simple and small, and only costs about $20 bucks, if I remember correctly. I used brainsbreaker to get my kids used to basic computer functions, because they all LOVE puzzles. So they really enjoyed making their own puzzles...and in the process learned how to navigate around the computer and use the mouse. I've spent many an hour myself doing jigsaw puzzles on my laptop!
  • I hand paint old world Pennsylvania Dutch,Polish, and Portugese, and Fairy Tale style on wooden boxes I get from junk shops,flea markets, & yard sales. +6
  • I can't stand puzzles, I have no patience for it. I am the one who steals a piece when you're not looking. Just so I can put the final piece in.
  • no oops would bat the puzzle pieces around and i would never get done but i would laugh at her and relax +5
  • Yes, and even more enjoyable if others join me!

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