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  • I am not sure about Yahoo Answers, but i believe the people on Answerbag are mostly people "that really tell it like it is". you ask a question here and you will receive an answer. it may not be the answer you are seeking, but thats what Answerbag is all about. Most everyone on AB is pretty cool. there is usually someone here that can answer just about any question. A good cross section of the globe is represented here. Here is the score: Answerbag 45 Yahoo Answers 21
  • I never wanted any part of Yahoo Answers, and I am pleased to be a cool and underprivileged ruffian.
  • Agree...Y/A may be more popular, but the quality of the answers there suck (lots of "idk" and "lolwut?"). There are much more intelligent people here on AB.
  • Agree 100%
  • Yep. Plus we could beat up YA users anyday.
  • I hate this question because it was not so long ago that Answerbag was considered by far superior in content and in members to Yahoo. It is very sad if the members here start to think of themselves as inferior to Yahoo Answers. That is just saying how far down the greasy pole Answerbag has slipped.
  • While I wouldn't go far enough out on a limb to call myself cool or a ruffian, I agree with the general gist of the question. My main reason for liking AB more is actually a pretty simple one. I just like the layout for AB more. The font, text sizing and color, and the way you navigate through AB are all vastly superior to Yahoo Answers. And I agree with what several people have said about the general quality of answers being superior on AB. YA only shines when I ask a very technical question (typically about home repair or auto repair). +3
  • I use both. Yahoo Answers isn't "fancier" but places limits to avoid some of the perceived abuses going on in other sites. I find it's format to be quite restricting, however e.g. limit on number of answers one can give in a day. I often find on AB that I cannot tell if a question is serious or not and sometimes make a fool of myself. Both sites have theirs advantages and disadvantages. I'd go to YA if I had a serious technical question, AB if I wanted a wide range of opinions. +4

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