• If you have no lease and are an adult, tough. +4
  • good for her, YOUR AN ADULT. stop sponging and pay your mother rent for god sake.
  • Whose name is on the deed? If your name is on the deed you do not have to leave. If only her name is on the deed she can demand rent and make you leave. In most states she will have to give you notice of at least two weeks. Check the tenant/landlord law in your state -- talk to an attorney.
  • Yeah, I have to agree with the answers so far. You ARE an adult and it IS her house. I'm not a lawyer but would go so far as to say that she is the homeowner and what she says goes. And I would hope, also, that you do NOT have any recourse.
  • til you find me.. .
  • If you choose to live under your parents' roof, you are obliged to obey their rules regardless of your age. You want a recourse? Try the military.
  • Why don't you ask her? It's her house and most people would want to help out and pay instead of being a mooch.
  • She's trying to teach you responsibility. Would you rather pay her $200 a month (or whatever she's charging) than to pay a regular landlord $400 + for rent. You can work a full time job and use 80% of what you make just for rent. I am sure she's not charging that much. If someone else lived there they would be paying a LOT more than you will have to. As for recourse no. It's her house.
  • If you're an adult of 18, maybe you should pay and maybe your mom might be cool enough to let you slide since you're in school or something. If you're an adult of 30, you should want to pay. Your mom bought the house, but even if she paid cash, in full, she still probably has $200/mo in property taxes, and at least $50/mo in insurance costs. The answer to your question is a tricky, legal one. You have what is called 'renters rights', especially if you live in CA, NY, or FL. But do you really want to ruin your relationship with your mother to win a symantics battle when you should be paying regardless? She cannot evict you to the street, unfortunately. She can issue an eviction notice, but those are complete jokes. Since it's your current home, she cannot legally take your things to the curb or 'physically assist' you in leaving. She can, however, change the locks when you leave and if you try to enter, she can call the police with proof of the eviction being more than 30 days (or thereabouts) old. Of course, you can call the police and say that she is not letting you into your home. But this is already way too out of hand. You will ruin your relationship with her forever. Don't be a dick. at least cover half of the utilities, and is $250/mo really that much to pay for a full house? (her insurance and prop. taxes) I've rented out homes at different times in my life and have run into different legal issues. One woman insisted that she should live in my house for free since I had to pay the mortgage regardless of whether she was there. Needless to say, that was fixed with a dirty quickness. But it still took 6 months of legal battle and me fronting the mortgage until we settled. Another time, I had someone who was given a few cords of firewood to use in the home they were renting from me. They *tried* to refuse to pay rent for like 3 months because of the value of the firewood. Like them getting free heating somehow paid my mortgage. Landlords are people too, and I have had to resort to some fire-with-fire tactics to handle my sh!tbags.
  • Once your mother signs a Writ of Eviction on you and it is served, you have 30 days to leave her property.

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