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  • depends... how often is she drunk and how drunk is she ?
  • Yes. It means she only feels comfortable showing her feelings when she can blame it on the drink. So either she's ashamed of it or doesn't want to like you for some reason. There is also the possibility that she's just one of those girls who'll go with anyone when she's drunk. So... you need to find a way to keep her drunk. =P
  • If she is anything like the country song, that might not be so bad! - "Tequila Makes Her Clothes Fall Off." So that's when you can have the 'best' times!!...Ha, ha!! Well, in reality, though, it probably means that she is not as interested as you would like her to be, so in the long-term, you might be better off finding a lady who will like you just as much when she's sober as when (if) she's drunk!!! And, you certainly are better off not being with someone who may be an alcoholic, or wind up becoming one.
  • I hear trolls like to use'm and abuse'm, so go for it.

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