• Paid for it myself and have the student loan to prove it.
  • I wasn't that bright but was blessed to have parents who paid for college;)
  • A little of both. I didn't get a full ride.
  • I'm fortunate enough that my great-grandpa put aside some money for me and my grandparents invested it wisely (so I got more money in the long run). I've had a free stretch paying for college itself so far but next year I am on my own.
  • Both, but the scholarships were small. I ended up paying for most of it.
  • paid for by father
  • Worked in high school. Served military time, saved. Returned to pre-military job with legally mandated seniority rights. Worked through it. Graduated self-made and debt-free. I did not see much of that kind of thing, then or now.
  • All on my dime. A coupla' grants, but mostly I was payin' back notes for years and years... ;-)
  • I was lucky enough to have academic and ROTC scholarships. +3
  • paid for it myself. I worked and went to school.
  • I had to take out loans and it took me 10 years to pay it off.
  • I'll be heading off there next year, and I'll be paying for myself. It's not my parents job to pay for it. They raised me for 18 years, I'm an adult now, so I'll be paying for my own education. Isn't that how it works?
  • The answer to quack's question is I followed up on a military electronics background with computer science. All the programming languages used on those lab problems 25 years ago are no longer in use, but in any case I ended up working in field services and not programming. I have been sufficiently employed for all but a year or so, cumulatively, since graduating. For Pearls, I did later see more of that kind of thing. The degree enabled, among other things, teaching part time at a 2 year community college. In such enviromnents, 80% of the students are working full or part time, as compared to about 30% at a university like Ohio State. I would not necessarily recommend working your own way through the hard way. It roughs up the attitude a bit and makes you wonder why others won't do it, leading to further cynicism. You get along better with others if your efforts were lesser.
  • My college was paid for with Pell grants, parents, and student loans.
  • Myself :(. It sucks. I know this year at my school they had 20 unclaimed scholarships in the department I study in. If they would just issue them to average students I would be good to go :)
  • Both. I paid for my first semester then earned a scholarship, but it doesn't cover everything.

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