• Agreed, denial of responsibility is a "GOD" given right to Americans...remember. That's what I learned over in the health care debate section.
  • Say no to fast food, use the off switch on the computer, cell phone and's really that simple.
  • Parents are the reason for obesity the dumbing down of America the lowering of standards the mis-diagnosis of ADD, ADDHD, PQXYZ, etc teen pregnancy cutters shall I go on???
  • I agree with you. Sure, there are adverts for fast food which make kids want fast food.... but at the end of the day.... WHO teaches the children their eating habits? WHO buys the children fast food? WHO buys the children game consoles instead of toys which can be played with outside? That's right, the PARENTS.
  • I agree with you +5
  • Commercials work because they convince people to do things that they would not otherwise do. Of course personal responsibility is missing, but the power of commercials to influence people is a well known fact.
  • I feel the same way
  • No, you must be wrong. I am a thoroughly modern person and as such I know that nothing is my fault, especially my inability to say "No" to my child. It might emotionally scar the poor dear.
  • The media handles these things very poorly and as a result a lot of people have difficulty distinguishing between a social problem and a personal problem. Here goes: A personal problem is someone's decision to buy fast food for their children. They are making an uneducated food choice. A social problem is a numbers game. You don't deal with individuals, but rather with populations such as when advertising artfully suggests that fast food is a good thing to buy thereby enticing a certain percentage of people to eat it and then suffer the health problems of which a certain percentage become everyone's problem. We know that if you stop the advertising, we will not have as many people with health problems and therefore we won't bear the burden of those who cannot pay to get them fixed. The question is treating a social issue as a personal one. We can't fix it that way.

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