• Too much smog for a lot of people
  • Different people like different things. I know a lot of people that love Los Angeles.
  • Very materialistic place. And the smog doesn't help either.
  • I don't for one.
  • I was absolutely claustrophobic when I visited there, Too many people, too much commotion. I was having borderline anxiety attacks the whole time I was there and that was 20 years ago when I was in my teens. I couldn't imagine it now.
  • well i live in So Cal and I dislike it because it's disgusting. Many parts are dumpy and dirty. It is a disappointment to many tourists because they think.... HOLLYWOOD...., which turns out to be a shit hole.
  • LA people cry about not having enough water for the lawns and pools, while farmers in the valley struggle to grow crops that litterally feed 1/3 on the world...BUT LA must have water. Perhaps they should approve the building of more desalination plants and regulate thier own water. What the San Juaquin looses in water, the states,and the world loose in crops for food and jobs.
  • To big and crazy. Did not mind visiting but, would not want to live there.
  • Too many illegal aliens
  • I lived there from 1966-70 (ages 6-10), in suburban Northridge, and it was probably ok then. Today, it'd be far too insane in terms of traffic, housing, always being so obsessed with image.
  • People dislike LA (and California in general) because they don't live there but wish they could. That's essentially why 9/11 happened. That's why everyone hates the New York Yankees.
  • Around 4 million people love it, apparently. I'm not a big fan of the freeway lifestyle - I live less than 10 minutes from where I work and that's important to me. It's very doubtful one can do that in LA. I also don't like ridiculously inflated property values and high taxes. I also have a perception (probably unfair) of LA denizens as being people who need constant and instant gratification, and I don't care for that attitude or lifestyle.
  • It's full of californians. At least the ones who haven't moved away and tried to get the tax structure of the places they've moved to changed to a California tax plan. Believe it or not, a lot of folks DON'T envy L.A.'rs their living there. Fires in the summer, mudslides in the winter.
  • It needs to be clean. Like San Francisco ~ they are constantly cleaning the streets there.
  • pollution
  • The uncleanliness +5
  • Because girls in LA are promiscuous.
  • The smog levels are so dangerous
  • It relies too much on the weather as being near perfect as a draw for people other than the poor to come here. It essentially offers nothing and relies on its image besides that of the weather. When the sane do arrive they quickly realize that all that glitters is not gold and eventually depart. Unfortunately all the poor have are their hopes so we are denigrating to two classes.. super rich and working poor. Ask this of any Californian. When last did someone move into your neighborhood from another state not third world country?
  • Los Angeles? Try California.
  • A lot of people and traffic, and smog. +5
  • because diana troy says its another marin county
  • Mostly it's the people I've met there and the people I've met who are from there.
  • I have lived there since 1970, off and on til departing in 1997. I miss the beach, the mild weather and friends. I don't miss the crowded stores, crowded streets, expensive everything, high speed freeways coming to a complete stop for no apparent reason, the smog or June gloom skies and rising taxes.
  • It's a combo of two factors 1)they heard rumors from tourists who had a bad experiance or listen to the media and believe what the televison gods have told there followers,before there arrival so there minds are made up 2)Celebartys get attention for bad things there and everyone thinks gang members and aggresive drivers are the norm.I bow now thank you for your applause.If you don't like my spelling shove it and that comes from nor cal.

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