• You realize, of course, that the majority of people on Earth do not celebrate or even care about Christmas, yes? I hope you also realize that Yule is not a Christian holiday. Frankly, I'm tired of people like you who expect the rest of us to follow your beliefs whether we choose to or not.
  • Video didn't come up, but I say Merry Christmas, I have a Christmas tree, I send Christmas cards and we have Christmas dinner and Christmas presents. I understand Obama is changing the traditional "Christmas" tree at the White House to a holiday tree? That offends me and I voted for him . . . begrudgingly. Americans are so easily guilted into doing just about anything whether it makes sense or not. Rant, rant, rant!!!!!
  • video didn't load (maybe because i am on a work computer) but yes it is very annoying to have to change just because of political correctness.
  • I'm not offended by people saying "Merry Christmas" to me even though I'm not a Christian. Maybe they are. I still celebrate the holiday, and I still call it "christmas" in general conversation because that's the commonest name for it, but for me it has nothing to do with the birth of Jesus. I don't get why people are so uptight about it. Are non-Muslims offended by the word Ramadan? Are non-Hindus offended by the word Diwali? Are non Jews offended by the word Passover? It's just a name. I don't belong to any of those religions but none of those words offend me.
  • There are many valid reason for preferring Happy Holidays, but what I don't get is why on earth you would even care. Does it bother you at all that 20,000 people starve to death every single day of the year? You could at least visit once a day and click to send food to help fight world hunger.
  • Go for it, sounds good so must be good.
  • There are so many things worth worrying about, but "merry Christmas" isn't one of those things. Heck, I'm an atheist, and I don't care if someone wishes me a merry Christmas, a happy Hanukkah, or a Super-happy-Jesus-fun-apocalypse-day... whatever, it doesn't matter. The important thing is that people care enough to wish you happiness, it doesn't matter that we use different words to do this.
  • I say "Merry Christmas" to people and I don't remember anyone ever being offended by it.
  • I guess it is just out of fashion my friend. It worked for years and years and years and years and I don't think anyone suffered for saying those words or for hearing those words, do you? But the fashion has changed and I suppose the fashion-conscious, as with all such people who must go along with the latest fad, jump on the bandwagon. If they must they must. Doesn't bother me one way or the other. I say Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays interchangeably and I don't think I'm gonna end up in He** for doing so. I am an equal opportunity greeter! :)
  • If it's the Christmas season, Christmas day, whatever I'm going to say Merry Christmas, The fact is is IS Christmas like it or not. I don't get upset if people say Happy Hanukkah, Happy New Year, Happy Halloween, Happy Valentines Day or Happy St Patrick's day even though I'm not Irish, Jewish, or whatever. It is what it is. Most atheists celebrate Christmas. It's Christmas whether it's a secular or religious Christmas. People really need to get a grip.
  • i think the problem is is that too many people are too into themselves. if i had a jewish friend who came up to me and said Happy Hannukah, i wouldnt be offended one bit, just like i would expect them not to be offended by me saying Merry Christmas. people need to stop taking offence. if they celebrate another religion or none at all so be it, be appreciative that someone cares enough to wish you a good day, and a good season. its the same as if someone were to say i hope you have a good day, well it just so happens to be December 25th and that just so happens to be Christmas, which just happens to be celebrated by millions and millions of people. GET OVER IT! so MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL!
  • I fail to see how Merry Christmas is offensive.I worked closely with a jew who always sent christmas cards to all his friends.He found nothing ofensive about it/ I am not religious and have always said Merry christmas and will continue to do so. I do not expect others to change the names of their celebrations to avoid offending me. +5
  • Frankly I get offended by people putting unwanted religion into my holidays. But to each his own. Seasons Greetings to you!
  • I support people saying 'Merry Christmas'. Or 'Happy Holidays' if they prefer. Why in God's name, so to speak, make a big deal out of it either way? . Sure, some feel that Jesus is slighted by the HH greeting, but the word 'holidays' came from 'holy days' and is comparably secular to Christmas but includes New Years Day as well. . I found the video to be offensive and here's why: the coffee shop woman wished her customer 'Happy Holidays', either as part of her employers' official spiel or from her own heart. . But our singer says, in essence, 'not good enough'. What a dick. . If we are to believe the pro-'Merry Christmas' crowd the saying of 'Merry Christmas' doesn't hurt anyone and should be taken as a well-wishing and not an invitation to engage in religious debate. I believe that to be true. And I believe the same is true of 'Happy Holidays'. . I put it to you that anyone who would lecture a minimum-wage store clerk for having the temerity to wish them Happy Holidays in accordance with her employer's demands is sorely lacking in Christ.
  • Many Christians in history didn't celebrate Christmas, as they thought that such was decadent. In 1644 Oliver Cromwell enforced an Act of Parliament banning Christmas celebrations. Christmas was regarded by the Puritans as a wasteful festival that threatened core Christian beliefs. Consequently, all activities relating to Christmas, including attending mass, were forbidden. Insteading of getting all huffy about a holiday not being referred to, perhaps it'd be better for those with their panties in a bunch to ACT like christians?
  • My best friends are Jewish and we say Merry Christmas to each other, and during Hanukkah we say Happy Hanukkah. Of course, Christians may embrace all of the Jewish Holy days and Jewish people may acknowledge the birth of Christ. There is NO REASON not to say Merry Christmas at Christmastime. The only time to use "Holiday" rather than "Christmas" is to describe a function that is celebrating both holidays. Our school has a big "Holiday" program and party and it celebrates Christmas and Hanukkah including religious and secular music from both Faiths.
  • I'm not christian, in fact i am more along the lines of anti christian...however I love Christmas. It's so fun. The pretty trees and lights and Santa...yay. I LOVE saying Merry Christmas.
  • Who gets offended? I have never heard anyone get offended when I have said Merry Christmas in the past. If I ever come across one I would probably just tell them to "Have a crappy Christmas, then" -- But I really think it is just Polically Correct Crap run amuck.
  • There are bigger fish to fry. There are many holidays during this time, and it IS insulting to people to impose upon them a holiday that they don't celebrate and call it "American" as if they are any less American for being Jewish, or Atheist, or worse yet - completely indifferent. What is so wrong with Happy Holidays? It offends no one.
  • I think if your are tired you should either take a nap and or stop caring so much. +5

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