• 1 pair snow boots 2 pair hiking boots 12 various other shoes and sandals
  • I have NO boots ; BUT do have six pairs of shoes ... +5
  • 2 pr work boots 1 pr cowboy boots 2 pr sneakers 1 pr dress shoes 1 pr non-skid work shoes
  • 10 pairs of flip flops 2 pairs of shoes/sneakers 1 pair of boots 2-3 dress up shoes
  • 3 pair.
  • 10 pairs. +5
  • I owned a pair of Silver Flip Flops...they were my favorite until the dog chewed them up!!!!! Oh and I own a pair of Black Ass kicken Boots..I love them:)
  • I was going to just say two and be done, then I thought about it... •steel toe work boots, •casual shoes, •dress shoes, •combat boots, field, •combat boots, field, winter, •combat boots, dress, •diving boots for wet suit, scuba not counting duplicates, backups in reserve.
  • Ooh well lots..I am not sure how many without counting..I have about 6 pairs of boots (various styles)..possibly 7 pairs of training 20 to 30..I did get rid of a big bag full not so long ago..I like different shoes and I love Handbags..I have those from all over the world.. :D
  • I have about 10 pair, yet I still wear the same pair almost everyday.
  • My son bought me 4 pairs of Chacos sandals which is all I wear. Two pairs I can wear with sox in the winter. In addition, purchased over the years many years ago I have Tennis shoes 2 pairs Sandals 1 " Flipflops 1 " Rainboots 1 " Flats 5 " I gave up high heels altogether about ten years ago! :)
  • 10 pairs of knee high stiletto boots. 5 pairs of thigh high stiletto boots. And nearly 10 pairs of sneakers. I have a walk in closet, so storing all my footwear isn't a problem. Now why do I mostly have boots? I enjoy wearing them. Besides, I do part time modeling.
  • To answer this question again, I have added another pair of stiletto boots to my collection. I know it sounds unusual to own a lot of pairs. I wear every pair when I can. Other women just like to collect as many shoes as they can:
    • Jenny_Rizzo
      The woman in the link owns 300 pairs of shoes. 20 will be my limit. :)
  • I have two pairs of shoes and one pair of boots. I don't wear the boots because the boots hurt my feet. I have two pairs of sandals, which I wear every day.
  • I can't begin to count them off the top of my head, but at least I can say that I do not own hundreds -- or even 100.

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