• No. She wasn't even 18 when they started going out. Also, he shows all the signs of an abusive boyfriend... He's older, he won't let her have her own friends, he monopolizes her time and attention so he can become her whole life, he encourages her to sneak around behind her fathers back and keep secrets, He trivializes her opinions so that she will always do what he wants her to do.... Good thing this relationship is fictional, or I'd be calling her father.
  • Yes if he loves her and she loves him the way he is then yeah why not!!!!
  • I think he should be allowed to go out with whomever he pleases, especially if they are in love with one another. And, physically speaking, he's 17 years old and she was 17 when they first started dating.
  • Yeah, he was frozen at 17 years old.
  • Unless he wants to be the oldest fictional vampire in jail and on the sexual predators list, he had better not date her. +5
  • No. He should grow up and learn to be a vampire first. Besides, at 108 years of age, he's either the world's OLDEST VIRGIN....or he's gay. I'll let you know later when I finish the books. If I ever DO finish the books, that is. I'm having such a hard time dealing with the combination of the lack of fangs, the glittering daylight vampires, and a plot that simply hasn't materialized so far in the first book. And oh, joy of joys...I just can't WAIT to get to book two (New Moon) where dear, loving Edward goes to Italy to commit suicide after thinking Bella is dead. I hear our glittering daywalking, sunlight loving vampire tries to commit suicide by...<GASP!>...exposing himself to the sun at high noon! <Smashes head against desk...>
  • He's not as big a paedophile as Jacob. If you haven't read Breaking Dawn then you won't know what I'm talking about.

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