• No. I contend that the biggest threat to freedom is partisan politics.
  • No. Authoritarians masquerading as Democrats and Republicans are.
  • No. The war on drugs is.
  • Yes, This bill is the biggest threat to American freedom ever proposed.
  • NOPE; The Healthcare issue has been twisted and turned around so much by those who oppose it and really can't say WHY with an Intelligent or INFORMED reason . Healthcare that will give ALL Americans health Coverage is GOOD for the country and for all of those who otherwise would not have it .. +5
  • No. I say dying from cancer because you lost your job and don't have medical insurance is the biggest threat to freedom I have ever seen.
  • Republicans are.
  • I think greed is higher up on the list.
  • Oh good lord.
  • NO! The biggest threat to freedom is the forcible removal of personal liberty. Vote DEMOCRAT!!
  • It is socialism, pure and simple. the government wants to run your life. either participate or go to prison.
  • No. This clown is.
  • England has it. They are free. Japan, France, Holland, and even little old Cuba. Health care is a threat to the insurance companies who gouged us so well for so many years that they came to have more money than banks. We had to bail them out, too, and now they are working against our health care. Americans presently pay more for health care and get less than any other industrialized nation. We are 45th in infant deaths, with countries like Uganda, Belize, and Romania doing better. If the rich in this country need money that badly, let them gouge each other for a change.
  • Its a 2 way street. It all depends on what your government has in plan. Way 1: We could all be given healthcare and have all the help we need and nobody left behind...and things could work out well. Our children and elders taken care of, and it could be alittle cheaper to have a baby around here.... OR... Way 2: We dont really have the say in the kind of care we deserve, we dont have enough money to pay the healthcare tax (then what) Sure were all cared for minimally, but now they have the say over Our Money, Our Government, AND Our Healthcare...So they have full control of us... Its all about faith in our government... It worries me alittle bit... I hope it turns out well...and I dream of evryone getting the medicine and treatment all humanity deserves...but I fear loosing the freedom we have also. Years ago there was a campaign its logo was..."CHANGE"... Dude got put into power, national healthcare was passed...the nation went BROKE, they litterly BROKE the nation and took the peoples freedoms away. Couldnt pay for the taxes, since it is now government they would throw em in jail...It was horrible. I cant think of the country right now, but look it up. Its scary...
  • No not health care,,but this so called health care bill they are trying to shove down the throats of the American people is.
  • Considering that Queen Pelosi included in her bill the punishment of a $25,000.00 fine or 5 years in prison for not purchasing health care, and the fact that no where in the constitution does it give the government the slightest bit of authority to do anything about health care, then my answer is yes.
  • No. The war on terror is. Followed by the war on drugs.
  • Hardly! But the lack of decent health care for All Americans does weaken us as a nation. Truly we need sweeping changes in our health care delivery system or we will be severely damaged as a country.
  • No... if only it was the biggest threat to freedom I'd ever seen... If you think that the healthcare bill is the biggest threat to freedom that you've seen, you must walk around with your eyes closed.
  • Coming from a country which enjoys a National Health Service that question literally doesn't make sense.
  • Nope, I think right now the biggest threat to freedom is our great and powerful leader, this healthcare bill will just give him more power to take away even more freedom. I hope that one of the jobs lost if/when this things gets shoved through, won't be your own. +4
  • We have it in Canada. Freedom is just an illusion. Free to do what. Express your opinion ? If you do that,what might happen to you at work or at church or at a political party meeting ?
  • Having lived all but the first 2 of my 63 years in countries with centralised healthcare provision I would say that the opposite was true.
  • In my lifetime..yes it is. This administration is concerned about seizing short-term power regardless of the long-term consequences. Its agenda of seizing personal property from its citizens and redistributing it is disgusting. The most hardcore, liberal, Woodstock-hippy faction of Democratic party is calling the shots and it's scaring the hell out of the more moderate democrats who are afraid of losing their jobs next year. Even an idiot knows that social medicine is a complete and total failure. Show me one country where this works. Please don't mention Canada or UK. The Brits die from prostate and breast cancer at alarming rates waiting for diagnosis. Only the wealthy over there can afford to be treated in the US. Do you know anyone traveling to Europe or Canada for surgery? Unless it's for a sex change, the answer is probably NO. Even Illegal aliens in the US receive top quality medical care under the current system. They can walk up to any emergency room for treatment and can not be refused care. If the government controls your medical care, they control you as a human.
  • Of course. We all know that the Terrorists' two biggest objectives are: (1) Killing and converting Westerners, and (2) Providing us with affordable non-corporatist health care. Wait a of those two just doesn't belong. Can you guess which one!?
  • You apparently aren't aware of terrorism or slavery. I'll take a shot in the dark and assume you watch fox news?
  • No, stupidity is. Western medicine is based on the treatment of symptoms, it does not or ever will produce cures. So it does matter how you pay for it it's still not going to make you healthy. The system will remain the same, doctors and drug companies will continue to make dying from your destructive life style a slow drawn out painful process. The only thing is now they will not have to fight you for the pay, the government will take it from you for them.

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